Norika Fujiwara Instagram update, new photo with GACKT

Fly to Saitama – From Lake Biwa with love
On to the stage greeting to commemorate today’s release.
With Rei Asami✨✨✨

Today’s costume was chosen keeping in mind the high-collared and bewitching mayor of Kobe that I play in the movie.
This TAE ASHIDA black dress is made with the image of a “modern goddess” who strongly faces forward and moves forward, with a lace corset and slightly cyborg-like sleeve details❣️

All of the jewelry is made of pearls in the image of Kobe⭐︎

🎬 Distribution: Toei
©2023 Movie “Fly to Saitama” Production Committee

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA