Gackt dictionary

In this page you can find a list of frequently word used by GACKT on his twitter.


Adi-OS! アディ押忍! (adiosu)
Portmanteau of the Spanish “Adios” and “OSU!”, a Japanese cheer.

Apowogies すみまそん (sumimason)
Cutesy/goofy way of apologizing.  I used to spell it “aporogies” till I realized an r/l swap might be seen as mocking Japanese people.  Oops.  I’m now more likely to use “Sorreh” for both this and the other “Sorreh” below.

DoM ドM/努M (doemu)
Having an extremely M-type personality.  See S and M.

DoS ドS/努S (doesu)
Having an extremely S-type personality.  See S and M.

KiAi 気愛 (kiai)
“Kiai” is a martial arts concept meaning roughly “fighting spirit”, but GACKT writes it with different kanji meaning “Spirit (energy) and love”.

Motherf**er(s) バカヤロウ(bakayarou), Used liberally in the YFCblog.  It literally means “stupid bastard” but I translate it as “motherf**cker” since he’s usually just using it as a rude way to address people like a badass rockstar and not really calling people stupid.  Ironically, I think “stupid bastard” would sound harsher if I translated it literally.  Also, there’s precedent for him using that kind of language (signed wall poster in the DIABOLOS tour photobook reading “Get the f**k up motherf**ckers- Gackt” for one), so I think it could be argued that that’s what he’d say if he was writing this in English.

Over 叔母 (oba)
A mistyping of the word “over” as “oba” which means “aunt”

S and M
Taken from the English “Sadism and Masochism”, but also used in a non-sexual way as a description of personality. An S person is one who enjoys teasing, bullying or pushing people around, and an M one is someone who likes or tolerates such treatment.

Sorreh ごめんみ (gomen mi)
Cutesy/goofy way of apologizing, “Sorry”.

GACKT’s level of S-ness

Urch ウニ (uni)
A groaning sound made in confusion.  The Japanese word used, uni is also the word for sea urchin.  According to GACKT, it’s the sound you make when your brain goes squishy like a sea urchin.

Well then それ蛇 (sore ja)
A mistyping of “sore ja” (“well then”).  “Ja” is written with the kanji for “snake”.  Probably done unintentionally at first, but is now a standard farewell from GACKT.

Credits: Amaiakuyume
Translation: Gackt Italia