[JPOP ASIA] AFAID 2015 report - Extract

BONUS: Recap of talk show with GACKT

Hundreds of visitors, majority of them harcore fans of GACKT's, filled the halls of AFAID 2015 to see the rocker in person. The last time he was in the country was two years ago to shoot his part in the TV series tokukatsu, “Bima Satria Garuda”. This time, he is participating as a guest during the talk show segment of the festival.

Prior to his arrival, AFA committee already gathered questions from fans through social media. The talk show hosts Danny Choo and Diasta then took turns in reading the questions for GACKT. Many times before answering, GACKT would ask if the person who posted the question is in the audience. This made fans crazy and even happier.

The talk show went along smoothly. At one point, GACKT was asked if a fan can hug him. He answered in fluent English, "Is hug enough for you? How about a kiss?". This response was met by excited screams.

Fans also requested GACKT to speak in Bahasa Indonesia. GACKT responded by saying, ”Aku sayang kalian semua” (I Love you all) which once again ignited screams.

At the end of the one hour long talk show, Danny Choo asked GACKT if he has plans for a world tour and if part of it was having a one-man show in Indonesia. GACKT answered with a resounding, "Yes" and promised to have a one-man live show in Indonesia once he has the chance.

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[NEW PHOTO] GACKT with YingTze

AFAID15 With the legend ! Thank you for bringing him to AFAID !  I feel so lucky !


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Guests from Japan Arrive One After Another at the Opening of Anime Fest AFA ID, the Biggest Ever, GACKT-san says「I'll come again」

Indonesia's biggest anime festival「Anime Festival Asia Indonesia(AFA ID)」was held on the 25th. This year, it is the 4th time it is being held, and the venue was the same one as the first exhibition, Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo) in Central Jakarta's Kemayoran. Jam packed with larger than ever crowd of attendees and performers, many guests from Japan appeared at the event which lasted until the 27th. It was crowded with many anime fans since day one.

Musician GACKT (Gakuto) took the main stage in the evening for a talk event. With this being his first appearance at AFA ID, the Indonesian fans were rife with questions.

With questions like「Of all your songs, which is your personal favourite」and「What's your favourite Indonesian cuisine」, he answered the questions which have been collected from before the event with a smile, and at the end, he waved to the fans, saying「I'll come back to Indonesia again」.

At around 6pm in the evening, at the booth for Cool Japan Lounge next to the main stage in the exhibition hall, the 5-man band FLOW who are performing for the first time, appeared. In Indonesia, they are known for providing anime theme songs, and fans flooded the booth. From 7pm, the「I LOVE anisong」concert was held at the main stage, where it was packed with fans' cheers and passionate singing.

■ 50 companies/organisers exhibited

The exhibition hall had about 50 companies and organisers on exhibit. Near the entrance, there were 2 gundams on display that were about 2 meters tall, which became a popular commemorative photo spot.

In one corner of the hall, a「Creators' Hub」was installed where young artists are gathered. Self-made manga, illustrations, key holders and more were being sold. The winner of Japan's International Manga Award(held by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)held earlier this year in February, Chris Nuru (?)(25)has been participating since the first event in 2012. He said「Editors can notice you, which can lead to winning a chance to publish your works」, highlighting the myriad of opportunities gained through the event.

Participant Daniel (21), from Singapore, said「The excitement in Indonesia's venue is amazing. Its universal for self-proclaimed Otakus」, expressing his enjoyment of the interactions abroad.

During this period, there are photo sessions with cosplayers scheduled at the mini stage. At the main stage of another area, anime movies are being screened and lives with voice actors from Japan are being held.

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Last night's dinner with GACKT, Hageshun
GACKT will release a new single "Arrow" Oct 7th ?


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We are honoured to have GACKT on stage in AFAID15!

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