GACKTxNemuri is a multimedia project started with a stage play in may 2010, written by Koyama Kundo. The project foresees the coverage of different medias including films, television, anime, manga and videogames.

The Nemuri Kyoshiro character was introduced 50 years ago in the novels written by Renzaburo Shibata.

Nemuri is a sword master, son of a Japanese woman and a Portuguese man who raped her during a Dark Mass where she was supposed to be sacrificed.
The original Nemuri is a antisocial vagabond that killed people using his special technique “Sappo Engetsu”, translated as “Cut of the Full Moon”
GACKT’s Nemuri si a more pleasant.

The soundtrack for the stage play were created by SUGIZO (Luna Sea).

Some of the actors in the cast:

Opium seller (played by Watabiki Katsuhiko): A man who became rich through smuggling and selling opium. It seems he thinks that Nemuri could compromise his activity and he wants him dead.

Friend of the opium seller (played by Tsutsumi Daijiro): as the name says, he’s the friend of the opium seller.

Kazuma (played by Yamamoto Shouma): A young Samurai who’s father was kill a year before. He has been told the guilty one is Nemuri.

Ayano (played by Tatsumi Natsuko): Kazuma’s young sister.

Long faced swordman (played by Shimada Kyusaku): He’s the one who moves Kazuma on a revenge path.

Old wiseman (played by Tanaka Ken): as the name says.

Mihoyo (played by Anzu Sayuri): Nemuri’s love interest, she looks like his deceased mother.

Old woman (played by Arimori Narimi): One of Nemuri’s friend. She’s one on the non-sense but comical characters.

Kinpachi (played by Kodo Taya): A young man who admires Nemuri. A comical character

Tachikawa (played by Furumoto Shinnosuke): An old rakugo narrator. It gives a comical aspect to the stage play.