GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Congrats to Tonde Saitama on the announcement!!

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

Time has passed in the blink of an eye since the 2 months of movie filming that was carried out earlier this year in April,
and with August coming to an end, it's starting to feel like autumn in Japan.
And, just the other day, finally,
the announcement for the movie【Tonde Saitama】was made.
The movie will be released next year, on 22nd February!
More and more information will be posted so do look foward to it.

it might seem like a movie that ridicules Saitama quite a lot but it's not thaaaaaat serious.
I acted wholeheartedly with sincere admiration for Saitama from the bottom of my heart.
The original story is a fantastical work by the famous Maya Mineo-sensei who also wrote Patarillo.
But what kind of fantasy is this...

When I read an article about the time when this story was written,
it appears that this story and it's nonsensical content was written to vent off a build up of stress
from the editorial department when he was writing Patarillo,
and then he suddenly made the reckless decision to stop writing it.
No one knows the actual reason why he decided to stop halfway.
One theory was that he moved away from Saitama, where he lived at at that time...
Though what's what that reasoning.

turning this story into a live-action happened after one or two events before the movie started filming.
It seems like the poster has become a hot topic in Japan.

As stated in the title*, it's a story that's outrageously whacked up so
from the bottom of our hearts, we're definitely not dissing Saitama.

Hopeless weekly magazines and bloggers again began to say things like
「This will lead to bullying!」
and other similar taunts to incite a fracas, but thinking about it as another form of advertising and publicity for the movie, I'm grateful for it.
Well, I can only hope that Japanese can find it in themselves to enjoy this movie with nothing but great love.

all sorts of negative campaigns against me have burst out over this one money but
I chose to quietly observe this whole time without making a single comment.

The first reason for this
is that the content itself isn't about me, GACKT,
and although they're just using my name for the article headlines,
if you look into it, they're all reports about Minister Noda and Spindle's Blackstar Group.
So I decided to keep my lips sealed since I figured that the weekly magazines will happily inflate their stories even more and slander even more.
Also, if I chose to comment at such a time,
my comments would look like they're nothing more than my personal opinion, without any support or backing from Blackstar.

Even so,
all sorts of things were written.
There were more than enough stories to fuel idle chit chat over drinks.
They made me laugh a lot.

A ton of stories were published,
but the gist of it was that I fled overseas
and that the founder has felt to Russia.

The stupid comments were annoying too but
I've already migrated and based myself overseas since 6 years ago.
Like, what's the point of saying that only now?

It was then that suddenly, there was some kind of rumor that GACKT died or something.

All sorts of speculation about my relationship with Minister Noda was also included but
why would I go to Minister Noda asking for help to『put pressure on the Financial Services Agency!』?

All those articles circulating out there
are nothing more than the mere opinions and speculations of the reporters and writers who came up with them.
These articles from the weekly magazines don't show up on
TV stations that have a social responsibility to be a compliant source of media at all.
Well, that's of course though.

Online writers and commentators who write up baseless articles
and furthermore dramatise and spread things like that to gain followers are wicked.

Well, such things exist in the world/
Fabricating unsupported stories without gathering evidence or information and calling them "reports" then letting them run amok and earning money off this.

For me,
I'll continue watching over the growth of Spindle and supporting the overseas strategies
along with all the holders who are expectant of the future of Spindle.

There are sceneries that can only be seen by those who
cross the stormy seas and climb mountains of heavy snow.
Prevailing and succeeding is the equivalent of being able to see those landscapes.

Recently, I've been thinking that the need to be rock-solid is the same as having an "unwavering heart".

There are people who occasionally send me messages out of concern, asking if I'm alright,
but if I'm the kind of guy who gets swayed by nonsensical weekly magazines, then no one would stick by me in the first place.
Even with such fake news coming out day after day, there are still lots of fans, clients, and friends who believe in me, GACKT.

I think that that's the best proof there is.

I would once again like to ask those who write these weekly magazines and gossip pieces, and all those involved with these things.

「Are you happy with living that kind of a life?」

I can proudly say that I am happy with my own life.
No matter what happens, I have an "unwavering heart" so I can always give a smile at any time.

Maybe I should write a book on GACKT's mental reset techniques.
For the sake of those miserable people.

*The 'tonde (翔んで)' in the movie title (翔んで埼玉 / Tonde Saitama) has a similar meaning as 'tonde (飛んだ)' in the phrase 'ブッ飛んだ / button da = crazy) which he used to describe the story.
Note that 'tonde (be it 翔んで or 飛んだ)' usually means 'to fly'. Just not in this phrasing, nor in this context.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Hats off to Milan, ZETA's prospects, disappointment in Shincho.

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

I arrived in Milan, Italy
to attend a SPINDLE conference.

There's a time difference of 5 hours.
Maybe it's because I was working throughout the duration of the flight in the plane, but while I was in Europe, the jet lag was so bad that I woke up at 2 a.m. everyday...

The conference concluded splendidly.
Despite the still-poor cryptocurrency market conditions, the project is steadily making progress day by day.
It's a world that the project team is about to bring to reality in future.
As we head towards the completion of the platform ZETA, the SPINDLE circle is steadily growing larger in the world.
This content was also reported in the local news.

It is difficult to understand that SPINDLE is different from the usual cryptocurrencies.
As a result, the negative aspect of this is that
those people who do not understand it irresponsibly write superfluous content on their blogs and create even more confusion.
It's a real problem.

_If we use a simple example of a car to describe the relationship that SPINDLE and ZETA have to each other,
ZETA is the engine, while SPINDLE is the gasoline.
ZETA, as its name suggests, has a form that varies as it grows and expands bigger.
I think you'll be able to understand this quicker if you watch the video.
It's the newly released Japanese dub version of ZETA.
The Japanese dubbing is done by me.


This video will also have a Chinese version, Korean version, along with various other language versions that will be uploaded one after another.
It's very exciting talk for those who understand.
I would like you to look forward to our present state of steady progress and the future of that.

Soon, I'll be able to announce our listing on the world's largest class exchange,
but listing itself is not our goal, instead it is intended for the stabilisation and expansion of our market and transaction volumes. This project will only arrive at the starting line once the platform ZETA is completed and released.

There's yet another piece of happy news.

At present, with AliPay and the widespread use of electronic payments, China is the world's largest player in FinTech.
And the SPINDLE project team has become the first Japanese project to become a part of
China's biggest blockchain alliance, Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai (below, BIAS).

BIAS is made up of distinguished blockchain research institutions, development institutions, and organisations.
With the blockchain technology-incorporated investment management platform ZETA, it can be expected that the SPINDLE team, which has been highly rated for their development abilities, will be able to contribute to further developments in the blockchain industry through this alliance.
Also, Ervin Zhuang, who serves as a director in BIAS, has formally joined the SPINDLE project as an advisor.
This can be said to be proof that there is a high possibility for the SPINDLE project to enter the Chinese market.
SPINDLE will be opening an office in Shanghai to focus on working with BIAS and business expansions in China.

Do read the news.
We're steadily making progress, one step at a time.

Alright, changing the topic, 2 days before I came to Europe,
I held a beach BBQ party with help from many entrepreneurs and executives.
This is a social gathering that we hold every year, in the beginning and end of summer, where friends and acquaintances are all gathered at the beach to enjoy a barbecue and water sports.

This is a place where company presidents and staff, hospital managers, IT engineers, creators and people from the entertainment industry, dancers, university students, foreigners, basically people of all ages and occupations gather.
We first started this about 6 years ago with the intention to let bonds get to grow deeper, to bring excitement to each other, to work together to make our dreams come true.

This year, there were more than 400 people who attended, making it feel like a small festival.

To me, since I normally live overseas,
events like this in summer and winter in Japan have become precious places for me to deepen relations with my friends and to make more new friends with the people that they bring along.
I, myself, will also teach hover boarding to the children and families who are gathered there.

It was a meaningful time spent this time as well.
To be on the Japanese sea for the first time after a long while. The clear sky feels great.

As the children were happily frolicking, I looked to the side, up the beach,
and saw two suspicious people approaching from behind.
One kept filming a video...

「We're from Shunkan Shincho. In your previous blog,
you wrote that you “got tackled from behind by Shincho”
so this time, we've come before you」

they said while filming without permission as if nothing is wrong.

『Hey look,
don't you think it's absolutely insane the way you've been secretly filming this BBQ party like that and how you're suddenly calling out to me and appearing behind me without first contacting my office??』

「Since you're a celebrity, you can't do anything even if we're secretly filming you?」

The Shunkan Shincho reporters were terribly firm with how sure they were about their guerilla interview.
I decided to accept their interview.

I'm fine. But. Don't you have the even the slightest bit of consideration?
There are company presidents and executives, their staff, and there are their families and students here too.
Of course, there are lots of children here too.

There are surely no guerilla interviews that unexpectedly crash such events right...

Indeed, in my previous blog,
I listed out the "truth" on SNS in response to their article because it was too far from the truth.
My current agent for Japan has also put out an official media release stating that the content that Shincho detailed are not true at all.

If you look back at it, the article content is weird.
It says that music production company G-PRO, which I was contracted under until May of last year, has gone bankrupt due to financial troubles as reported to the police. Furthermore, Shincho pointed out that G-PRO is handled by me, GACKT, and that it's my own office. This is despite that there were other contracted parties as well.

Regarding this matter, in the interview with Shincho, I've explained over and over again,

【G-PRO is a 100% subsidiary of Daiichi Kosho Company, and I am simply an artiste who was contracted under them. That contract expired in May and I now belong to a new office. Shincho's article has severely misunderstood the facts】

Of course, the associates who did the interview gave the same answers.

Bankruptcy from financial problems?
Police involvement??

If this was true, it will likely be a big problem for the large listed parent company of G-PRO. It's as good as a corporate scandal. However, the associates and I have both never heard of such a story nor its existence.

It's just an 'if'.
For argument's sake, assuming that the things that Shincho pointed out are '"facts", for what reason will you want to do a guerilla interview with me, GACKT, an artiste who has nothing to do with the company's management at all? I'm having a hard time understanding this.

Shincho says that the ownership is not clear, but no. No, there's no such thing.
Everyone who got interviewed tells Shincho who the parent company is. Not to mention, if there is police involvement, that will surely be something serious.

That will be misinformation by Shincho in the first place, and that will require them to issue an apology to the parent company and its affiliates.
This is related to the company's credibility issues.

Despite that, they didn't bother to check the facts at all, and tied, me, GACKT, together with that company in a reporting of "troubles with the law and bankruptcy". Right from the start, you can see that they clearly wanted to write and sell this without any intention for apology at all.

This time, again, that was how I replied to Shicho's side.

While having tea in Milan, I saw the Shincho article that my staff in Japan sent me, and I was again amazed.
I can only laugh.

Not a single thing I said about their unauthorised shooting nor my responses to their guerilla interview was written.

even if I take your interview, you'll just write something else or something stupid again right?』

When I said that to the reporters that day, they gave me a creepy wry smile. So this is what it meant in the end.
Well, this is just what it is.
Without including a single thing from my sincere replies,

they wrote "Party hosted by GACKT is too suspicious"...

No matter how and what angle you look at it from, aren't the suspicious ones you guys who were secretly filming in attire that isn't even suited for the beach?
What was written in here was
as if this time's social gathering was being reported as some kind of suspicious meet up.
I was amazed by this after all.

All the food and drinks for this party were brought and provided by the participants. It's only natural that there's no fee or anything like that.

Everyone came with the consideration that they wanted to have a fun barbecue party, and there were many who came early in the morning from afar laden with drinks and meats. Some came by train, some by car, there were even some who took a bullet train or a plane here.

To say【It's suspicious that there are no fees!】about this...
If you can say something like that, then in that vein, wouldn't all the companies and families who hold cherry blossom viewing parties or BBQs be suspicious too?
Do I have to explain something this ridiculous to you?

I normally live overseas. That's why I can't meet my Japanese friends like I do in the past. Because of that, around 400 of friends and associates from all over the country who I'm close to gather at this party so that I can reunite with them.

Those acquaintances and friends, those associates and families, they're not "too suspicious" are they?

I can't help but feel doubt over the credibility of Shincho's journalism and articles if they are willing to publish and sell an article that doesn't only criticise me, GACKT, but even all the people who were gathered at the party by saying that they're "suspicious".

It's the same with the previous article.
What information source did Shincho base off to write that article?
Is it alright to connect me, GACKT, with anything and everything as long as you can sell your magazine?

If you had any journalism in you, I'd think that are other things that are more worthy of chasing after though.
On this end, the【GACKT bankruptcy】article is just taking things out of context and being an exceptional annoyance. If I'm bankrupt I won't be able to hold such a party or anything of the like, right?

The content of this time's interview was also recorded but they didn't even write anything about what I answered to begin with.
Well, if that's the case, I'd think that there's no need to come all the way here for a interview though.

The female reporter who was secretly filming also said

『I'm just following instructions from above!』

with a straight face. These days, even children don't say things like that with a straight face.
After that, they even got angry at the police who we called to the beach.
You're a proper adult, what the hell are you doing.
I had hoped that we would get to close off this BBQ party in a good mood but it can't be helped, they just had to butt in.

As long as there are people who are willing to buy magazines that publish stupid articles, there will be reporters who will write stupid articles with all their might.
Everyone, let's stop that, stop buying stupid magazines.

At the end, those who were from management said
「GACKT are you okay? Seriously, what hopeless people...」
and to that I said,

『I'm sorry that it ended up spoiling the fun...』
for some reason I apologised. Phew... that was how I felt.

As I wondered how many times blows like these have been thrown at me since my younger days, it felt odd that I've always dealt with it with complete calmness.
On the other hand, for some reason I ended up coaxing
my staff and some of the younger guys who wanted to get at them, saying

「It's okay, it's okay, calm down. There's no point in getting angry at a lowlife, is there?」

Well, there are all sorts of people in this world.
People who complain about how other people perspire. There are also people who don't really try hard but when they see someone else who's made it they envy them and get jealous and start to criticise those other people. There are many people who live with negative lifestyles.

I believe,
【What kind of beliefs do you hold, and how will you live honestly?】
is the most important thing.

As long as these words get conveyed to those who want it, it's enough.

Alright then... I'm heading to France after this.
Relaxing overseas is more suited to my nature after all.

Gonna relax...

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Heading back to Japan from Europe... Followed by an unexpected tackle by Shincho...

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

I arrived safely in Japan.

The time spent in Europe passed by in a flash.
This time, I ended up spending most of my time working in the room because it overlapped with SPINDLE's listing.

Of course,
this time around I went over to Europe because I thought that work would progress more smoothly without a time difference in the way,
but in the end, I pretty much spent these 3 days working through the night.
It feels no matter where I go, this doesn't change.

Anyway, now that we've simultaneously listed in 5 countries without any issues, going forward, a new battle will start anew.
Considering the poor market conditions, I'm happy to see that volumes are high, and that prices are gradually increasing, as predicted.

Seeing things like the 4th day's trading volume exceeding the 2nd day's and momentarily gaining a 64% growth via a huge purchase, it really makes me look forward to its future growth.

In the end, in Greece,
I spent my stay there merely gazing at the Pantheon from the veranda of my room, without stepping out even once.

Following that,
I headed to Turkey, where the atmosphere of Turkey's streets far exceeded my expectations.
making me want to trying staying in such a wonderful city that I started making plans for it.

In any case, my heart was stolen by this exotic cityscape.
You don't often come across such a wonderful cityscape.

The city is so lovely that it makes leaving painful.
Making a promise to myself that I'll visit again in the near future, I headed to Bulgaria.

It was around this point in time when we listed so things were pretty hectic
but the streets of Bulgaria eased my tired heart.

A city where time passes this slowly is rare too.
Furthermore, when I took a walk through the city, there were a surprising number of beauties.
A city where this many beauties gather is also rare

This has been a hectic trip, but it was one where my tired spirit really got refreshed.
I headed home via Turkey,
but I was again impressed by the absolute splendour of Turkey's airport facilities.

Such splendid airports are rare.
The energy of the people gathered was exceptional.

Then, I headed to Japan.

I went straight from the airport, into the studio, completed my work,
then went for dinner with K1 fighter Takeru at night.
A martial artist as pleasant as him is also rare.

Being competitive and living a disciplined life
as if it's the natural thing to do is really difficult to pull off.
Nothing makes me happier than being able to cheer on the younger generation who are doing their best to realise their dreams.

I'm grateful for such a happy meeting.

Then, the next day,
when I went into the studio for recording, I saw a certain weekly magazine lying on the table.

「What's this?」

I asked, and my staff said,

「Something thoughtless was published in Shincho again...」

After reading the article's content, I found myself laughing at the absurdity of it.

Honestly, what was written in this article
is so nonsensical that it doesn't really matter, but let me just make a comment.

First of all.
【raided by the tax investigation division...】 was written in there,
but the tax investigation division visited a number of related parties for a third-party audit, and my home was nothing more than one of those included.
There were no arrests at all.
Instead, I'm the victim of being inconvenienced.

【GACKT's personal office...】 was mentioned, but in the first place, based on the artiste contract for me, GACKT, I only belong to production, and that is not my personal office, nor am I an owner nor shareholder.

【Came out to the concerned parties about the suspicion of hundreds and millions of units being embezzled, to the point that there was no choice but to talk to the police...】 was written but that is absolute bullshit as well.

Despite the fact that this contract of mine expired a year and a half ago , and the fact that I have since moved to another Malaysian production, isn't it far too unreasonable, in the first place, to forcibly associate me with this event?

The settlement of this office was done to the convenience of their parent company, and it has nothing to do with me at all.
Writing an article that intentionally makes it look like the scandal is about me, GACKT, and publishing this as if it is a fact makes me doubt Shincho's integrity.
All this despite that there is probably news should reported with higher priority...

There's also the case regarding Nihon University Phoenix* this time around,
and I would like for adults to stop doing nonsense like running other's lives to their own selfish conveniences and getting other people caught up in their messes.
Its as if I got tackled from behind* by Shincho in the airport the moment I return to Japan.
The absolute stupidity of the content just makes me laugh.

Youths can't see their dreams because there are too many adults who are like this.
A country where adults don't have the ability to inspire dreams is one without a future.
I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that there will be more adults in this country who will be able to inspire dreams and be good role models for the youths of the future.


*For more information about the Nihon University Phoenix case:

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: 【SPINDLE 】World's first simultaneous listing in 5 countries!! From Bulgaria with love

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

While the conditions of this cryptocurrency market are still bad,
we can finally celebrate one of our goals and a new start.
I've been involved in this cryptocurrency project, SPINDLE, as a core member since last year,
and now, SPINDLE has listed all over the world, in the exchanges of 5 different countries, at the same time.

Starting trade on 5 exchanges, including HitBTC exchange, which is ranked 7th in the world,
allows for more than a few hundred million transactions to be held from the first day of listing.
Valuation on HitBTC is on an inversion basis. One point is the dominance of listing and purchasing.
The trading volume of SPD/ETH on HitBTC is ranked 4th. Trading volume of SPD/ETH on yobit is currently ranked 2nd.

And, furthermore,
SPINDLE has started to prepare for listing in exchanges from 12 countries within this year.
I'm really happy about SPINDLE's increasing global liquidity,
and I would first like to convey my gratitude to all those around the world who have been supporting SPINDLE thus far.
I sincerely thank you.

We did not make a listing announcement prior to listing
because we wanted to avoid the various adverse effects that come with the tendency for listing postponement in the cryptocurrency industry, and so, we chose to make the announcement following the certainty of an exchange listing. There were also a lot of problems that cropped up, problems that were different from that of the stock markets. Because this is still a premature market, we have to move cautiously, step by step.

Looking back,
for this project, in September of last year
I, GACKT, took part in planning for it, and 3 months later, at year end, the information went public and SPINDLE saw the light of day.
And at the same time, I received a lot of attacks again as well.
Of course,
to people who were involved in other projects that were going on at that same time,
it might've been amusing because SPINDLE was such a buzz topic.
However, it's pointless for fellow cryptocurrency users to go up against each other. Doing that will only shrink the market, and any project that does come up won't be able to succeed. After all, the fastest way for this market to expand is through supporting and cooperating with each other, instead of fighting.

Most of the attacks and slander were predictable, but among them were things like:
"If you buy it, in the end, SPINDLE is a dubious cryptocurrency that doesn't seem like it will list"
were being said.

When a friend who is deeply involved in this project told me about it,
I thought "What the hell are they saying…?"
I'm amazed by how low some people are, but unfortunately, there are a group of people who really turned out to be like this.
Firstly, why don't you watch the videos and discern what kind of project this is?

While side-eying the vulgarities that fly around online as if they were facts, the SPINDLE project has been forging forward.
We've been flying to many different countries during these past few months to coordinate with our stakeholders around the world.
originally, it was written in the project road map that we planned to list in late June,
yet we were able to list more than a month early, and in 5 different countries at the same time, a world's first, to boot.
This really is something to be happy about.

While the poor market conditions persist and other ICOs are just falling apart,
SPINDLE's start is one that is close to our expectations.
From now, we are looking at 3 to 6 months for the formation of SPINDLE's market.
Recently, there have been many currencies that collapse irrevocably after flashy promotions and raising prices.

As long as I, GACKT, am around, flashy promotions can be done anytime.
However, neither I, nor the core members, hope for that.
Ultimately, we want to steadily build a market for SPIDNLE, one that is strong, that will not collapse.

【Its name is not GACKTCoin, it's SPINDLE...】

With the typical occurrences in the fluctuating, turbulent world of cryptocurrencies,
impressionable people can panic and grow alarmed in just one day,
so why not sit down, take your time, and observe how the project unfolds going forward?

In the past, when we've yet to list, people would say stupid things like "scamcoin", and once we've listed, they started making noise, saying "it'll lose value! it's the end!". Ahahaha (lol)
Actually, before listing, we switched to something similar to a stock split in a ratio of 20-for-1 (possession rate is 20 times, price is 1/20) but by simply quoting this 20-for-1, there were people who started howling about nonsense and looking at them, it makes me laugh.
In the first place, even though SPINDLE is bought using ETH, they're thinking about it via Japanese Yen conversion instead of ETH conversion, and this, to begin with, is already wrong but...

Once again, I recognise that no matter what I do, there will be negative people attacking and complaining but
there is such a variety of unreasonable people that it really makes me think that people are fascinating creatures.

Well, I would like these people to look forward to see what will become of SPINDLE in the next half year too.
We will definitely produce results, even in these market conditions.

That's because we can clearly declare that SPINDLE is not just a mere speculative cryptocurrency.
But neither is it a just currency that you hold and wait for it's price to rise.

This is because the platform, "ZETA", will be rolled out soon.
You could say that ZETA is the engine, while SPINDLE is the gasoline.

Until now, good investment deals have only been available to a portion of the rich.
In other words, to put it in extremities,
the world, so far, has been one where only the rich are able to grow richer.
I believe that this is a well-known fact.

The true value of SPINDLE will be fully demonstrated through the platform "ZETA" and the way it will democratise investments by creating investment fair, transparent, and equal investment opportunities for all.

What is unfortunate is that there are a number of cryptocurrency projects that don't really have much substance nor practical use.

ZETA's service will soon be launched too.
Launching a service with such speed is, again, something that has never been seen before in other cryptocurrencies.

This time,
the SPINDLE project is currently being rated with a full 5-stars
on the website ICOBench, where ICO investors from all over the world are gathered,
and with a high rating of 3.7 points, it has once again been put in the global spotlight.

This rating comes from analysis done by cryptocurrency experts and analysts from Russia, India, the Middle East, Asia, North America, and Europe.

And, to think that the ICO Profile was given a miraculously high score of "4.8" out of 5 points!
This evaluation is a big achievement in getting global recognition for what we have been working on thus far and what we're looking to realise in future. This is also the first report that I can happily deliver to everyone who has been believing SPINDLE thus far.

The negativity from North America's Wall Street critics has also always been according to our predictions.
We have many supporters, but the fact is that there are also people who carry vested interests in being critical about what we do.
Those who do have the time, please do take a look.

So far,
there are still a number of challenging hurdles that this project has to clear but
together with all the members, we will go forward step by step with the confidence that we can definitely get through them.
I believe the battle still continues going forward.
We will push through for the sake of realising our ideals.

Also, the conference, with a capacity of 3,000 people, that was supposedly scheduled for May 1st, this month,
had received a total of 12,000 registrants, far more than what we expected, and because the venue was meant to allow for free, unlimited entry,
we were forced to postpone it based on the judgement that there is a "high risk of an accident happening".
It was meant to bring the global core members of SPINDLE together with the investors who have an interest in SPINDLE,
and I was very much looking forward to it too, but it had to be postponed.
Since this conference has been postponed, I hope that everyone will look forward to when it can be held at the soonest possible date.
And at that point in time,
I believe we will be able to give a report on how big the project has grown, and how far it has progressed.

Now, what kind of regulations and trends will cryptocurrencies have in Japan?

Unfortunate, at present,
Japan is, once again, going towards the Galápagos syndrome trend again.
We've spoken a lot with the central stakeholders too, but everyone is at their wits end.
The only we can do is hope that the various stakeholders and exchanges in Japan
all do their best in trying to steer this towards a better direction.

We will, of course, do our best to cooperate as well.
To make sure that Japan is not the only one lagging behind in this new industry that makes remarkable progress daily in the world at a tremendous speed,
we have to properly execute what we have to do in every corner of the world,
and at the same time, I believe that the Japanese core members of SPINDLE
have to do this with the awareness that they are doing this "as Japanese".

The SPINDLE OFFICIAL GROUP on Telegram Messenger now has over 30,000 participants in it too.
This is a rather significant number among the global ICOs too, and we're among the top 10.
There are only a handful of ICO groups on Telegram that is formed to this extent.
The SPINDLE project started out shouldering the expectations of many,
and now, finally, SPINDLE is the first in the world to list on 5 exchanges at the same time,
taking its place on the world stage.

Even in all of this, weird people keep showing up.

You could say that this can't be helped since SPINDLE is conspicuous on a global scale as well,
but it can once again be seen that these people don't only exist in Japan, but all over the world as well.

Recently there has been spam and falsehoods about the SPINDLE core members going rampant.
The worst part is that there are people who try to extort SPINDLE from users by posing as core members doing weird solicitations.
The core members will not personally send direct messages straight to the users and holders.

Their modus operandi is to send all kinds of SMSes to the holders of SPINDLE.
The service centres will only communicate via
to the customers of SPINDLE.
You can consider all other emails and SMSes from other addresses to be fraudulent.

Anyway, these are the usernames of the admins and if the username isn't found here, it belongs to a fraudster, so please do be careful.

@jugentjugent Shuichi
@sexygackt GACKT
@force119 Hiro
@stkogg Takashi
@masahirai Masamitsu
@ikko448 Ikko
@LinafromDoitsu Lina
@Daniel_Kapran Daniel
@atijke Den
@eyisback Alexander
@gummysx Haley
@stan069 Stan

People with incomprehensible actions appear one after another.
【From barking fellows to thieving fellows】
All kinds of people exist.
I think it's fine to just live life however you want to but there's something called retribution, and I believe that all the nonsense that you do will come back to you but...
I would like everyone, not only SPINDLE holders but those involved in other investments as well, to beware of such SPAM and SCAMMERS.

We would like to announce new developments and other news
on Telegram Messenger's SPINDLE Official Group as well.
Look forward to news about us listing in new exchanges and information on the progress of our platform "ZETA".

Those who are already involved in ICOs, or are presently participants in other ICOs' Telegram groups will probably understand this, but I have never seen any other ICO-related persons answer questions within the group with this much sincerity elsewhere.
I believe the general impression of the cryptocurrency world is one that is frivolous, but the core members of SPINDLE are very serious about this.
I will occasionally get annoyed by this absurd level of seriousness but more often than not, I am moved by the way they tackle things seriously.
I am sincerely proud that I am able to be involved with them together in this project.

Those who have yet to register in this official group, this valuable place where you can speak to these people directly, I really do hope that you will join in and directly share your own thoughts there.

A new battle begins from here.
I'm feeling good so I'll go out and take a short walk in this Bulgarian city.
See you.


Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Congrats‼︎ SPINDLE finally lands‼︎ Followed by【Chef-Style Cut!!】

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

Continuous days of tough filming schedules continue but
to tell you the truth, right now, I'm really excited.

We've finally arrived at the final stage of "SPINDLE",
the cryptocurrency world's largest project that we've been focusing on for the past 9 months.

Of course,
even if we're calling it the final stage, this isn't the goal,
and of course, there will also be hurdles that we have to cross going forward but
first of all, we've now cleared a big big mountain.

The number of participants in core Telegram group for SPINDLE, that has drawn worldwide attention,
has already grown past 20,000 people and is still steadily increasing but
the fact that majority of them are non-Japanese shows that this project is operating on a global scale.
Of course,
people who can only speak Japanese are also participating in the chat group, and when you look in,
it's very amusing to see a variety of languages fluttering around.

〈This is the SPINDLE Telegram address👇〉

〈For those who don't know how to register for Telegram Messenger, look here👇〉

Well then,
on the upcoming 1st of May, during Golden Week,
the large-scale cryptocurrency conference 【BLOCK ONE】 , that is hosted by SPINDLE will be held.
Many famous crypto players from around the world will be attending this event, which will unfold at Makuhari next week.

I, GACKT, will be participating as well,
and thinking about how this SPINDLE project started in August 2017,
we've come this far in 9 months.

Although I've received negative comments as well,
the appearance of these people and their remarks is to be expected,
and by focusing on figuring out how we, ourselves, should progress according to schedule,
we've hit the first significant milestone one month ahead of schedule.

During these 9 months, it has been shown that the cryptocurrency world goes through change at a tremendous speed.
Coincheck;s problems were unexpected but
aside from that, the market movements have been mostly, as expected,
and considering the fact that it is quite consistent to SPINDLE's project road map,
this makes me want to praise it as quite something.

The price movements in this later half of April is especially as we predicted too.
Well, it's not that difficult to come to this prediction when you analyse the major global events together though.

In all of that, when I see people who cry out things like "It's the end of cryptocurrency!" online,
to be honest, the feelings of regret do not come first but
this is an era when every individual needs 【information verification literacy】 ,the power to investigate information.
You have to investigate each piece of information in depth.
I believe part of it involves being able to remain unperturbed even when you browse the things that are casually written on forums.

Looking back,
around December of last year, the way that the world was heating up was headed in an excessive direction.
However, during the event in the Middle East in mid-January, that overheated feeling calmed down,
and the users who ride on trends or jumped in with the momentum left, and the market returned to calm.
I think in mid-April, the world's market will finally form decently within the proper temperature,

This flow is an exceptionally good one for the crypt users around the world.

To get the ball rolling,
this time's 1st May event at Makuhari Messe will be held under the wing of 【Powered by SPINDLE】.
I'm especially looking forward to lots of participants from both inside and outside the industry.

The venue can only accommodate around 3,000 people but
with this number of seats are independent of the crypto conference,
and furthermore free entry, this is of quite a considerable scale.

Including those who are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies going forward,
and of course, heavy crypto players too,
if you are able to come for this event, I do hope that you will come.
It's not an exaggeration to say that an event of this scale is rare,
and I would really like you to take part in the event and enjoy the rich content.

The SPD crowdsale will begin, worldwide, on 29th April.
Unfortunately, those living in Japan can't purchase it until it has been listed,
but those who join us in this event,【BLOCK ONE】
will be able to take part in the【,AirDrop】, which will specially give you SPINDLE for free
and this is also one of the big benefits of this event.

I, GACKT, myself, will also be present at this conference and will have talk time.
There will be big news to be conveyed in this event
for those who have been supporting SPINDLE, and those who are looking to get involved in cryptocurrencies in future.

I'm excited.
Life is definitely better when you have lots of things to bring you excitement and make your heart race after all.
If those naysayers do come, I wonder if they'll eventually
understand the meaning behind my activities in this past year.

《Event details》

【Event overview】
Venue: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, Hall 10, Chiba

Date/Time: 1 May 2018 Doors open 18:00 ・ Event starts 19:00
(Free entry ・ Free seating)


Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA