GACKT Italia is a project born in 2012 thanks to an idea from Angela Antenucci (SaiKaiAngel).
She joined an small online fan community dedicated to GACKT as an admin, she decided to make everything more professional creating a dedicated website, since there was nothing so relevant and active in Italy dedicated to this amazing Japanese artist.
The project started with a target reserved for Italy, with translation into Italian only. After the many requests from all over the world, the community widened its horizons towards a completely bilingual website.
In spite of the high ambitions, nobody expected such a quick and huge growth, who’s still possible nowadays thanks to the daily hard work, inexhaustible passion and determination of the staff members, always offering a precise and punctual service for all the followers.

GACKT Italia mission is to deliver GACKT’s Art and Passion. To let his words, music and his interpretive skills reach more and more people, especially outside Japan. GACKT’s world is special, infinite and deep and it deserves to be seen and heard from everyone at a global level.
This is GACKT Italian’s mission: to give a deep contribute in delivering the greatness of this passional and amazing Japanese artist, who with his words is able to warmth everyone’s hearts every day, gifting all his fans with wonderful surprises.

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Angela SaiKaiAngel Antenucci

Role: President

Angela, known as SaiKaiAngel-Windows Of The Soul, funds GACKT Italia in 2012, after thinking about it a while, because she fell in love with GACKT in 2007.
Determined woman, leader, antithesis of femininity and under appreciated singer, she loves blue roses, the color blue, penguins and the Eiffel tower.

Motto: “Thank you for sharing this piece of eternity with me”
Email: saikaiangel@gacktitalia.com
Twitter: @Saikaiangel
Instagram: @saikaiangel

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Erika Swan Panzeri

Role: Vice President

Erika, in love with GACKT since 2007, starts working as an Admin in GACKT Italia from 2012. Web designer, Fashion Stylist, in love with all the aspects of Japanese culture, she dreams of laying and rolling in a meadow filled with Sakura petals.

Motto: “Until we can be together, I’ll let the moon watch over you”
Email: erika@gacktitalia.com
Twitter: @erika_swan
Instagram: @erikaswan


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Lara* Tsuki

Role: Junior Moderator

Lara* discovered GACKT in 2007 thanks to her mom. She’s a teenager and she loves music. She loves to dance, sing and to have fun with friends. She has her own space on her auntie’s blog where she talks about teenage positivity.

Motto: “I’m not perfect but I”m happy to be me”
Instagram: @laratsuki

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Joe Parenti

Role: Cover Artist

Joe was born with the passion for drawings and gym. He has always trained hoping to become like Kenshiro, instead he finds himself being a tattoo artist and passionate painter, in love with complicated things.

Motto: Beautiful things are difficult, difficult things are beautiful.
Twitter: @joeparenti23
Instagram: @joeparenti23


HuiTze Tay

HuiTze, a.k.a Hui or Tze or yoshiyuki, has been an avid supporter of GACKT since late 2008.
She started doing translations for GACKT Italia in mid 2014 in an attempt to improve and make use of her Japanese, but is now stuck in an endless abyss of Game Centres and blogs.
Loves music, singing, reading, manga, gaming, her guitar, occassionally drawing and writing, and martial arts.
Wishes that blogging on tumblr and doing fan translations can actually feed her.

Motto: “There is no such thing as an unneeded smile”

Sara Perlini

Sara, a little bit vampire and a little bit Snowhite, in love with Japanese culture and photography; she finds GACKT one evening and immediately understands to have found someone that will take her to a dream. She joins GACKT Italia team as an Admin on January 12th 2015.

Motto: Memento Audere Semper

Lucia Romano

Lucia or believe in, discovered GACKT in 2008 and since that fateful night HIS powerful voice and eyes captured her heart.
HE gave her the push on the back she needed to fight for her dreams and through him she met GACKT Italia and all the amazing people behind the project. Takes the role of amateur translator in mid 2014.
Loves music, reading, drawing, exploring new places even if she always gets lost, studying languages and the whole process behind a translation.
Her dream is a one way flight to Japan.
Motto: “Thank you for showing me this dream”


Iris aka Neffy or Neferttari follows GACKT since 2009. Typical Pisces who lives in her own world and GACKT took a huge portion of it. Crazily in love with him. Not very clever and slow sometimes, but crazy when it comes to GACKT. She just wanna give all her love to the people that are worth it. She will not waste time and effort on people who’s not worth it.
Motto: “Life is short. Just fall in love!”