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★ Report from the Secretary.

GACKT's photo book "Gaku Sneak Peek", a collection of GACKT's treasured photos, is finally released today!

The photographs were taken by Paparazzi Samejima, one of GACKT's close associates who loves him as "big brother".
For 11 years, he has been taking hidden photos of GACKT in all kinds of situations, both at work and in his private life, so that GACKT does not find out.
The number of photos he has taken so far exceeds 1,000.
This photobook contains a selection of valuable photos that he was only able to take because he was close to GACKT.
This book offers a peek into GACKT's real private life in a new style of "intimate paparazzi".

"GACKT Sneak Peek"
Photographed by Paparazzi Samejima.
Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)
Release date/3 Feb 2023
Published by / Kodansha

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GACKT OFFICIAL NEWS: Media Appearance Information

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16 Feb (Thu) 22:00 Yomiuri TV 'Downtown DX'.


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CINEMA.NE.JP: Japan's Got Talent presenter Kamaitachi reveal episodes with the judges, including Masako Hamada.

Ahead of the broadcast of the blockbuster audition programme Japan's Got Talent (ABEMA), which starts on 11 February (Sat), the show's presenter, Kamaitachi, appeared at a press conference held at a certain location in Tokyo.

The show is an open audition programme to discover potential future stars with various talents from around the world in Japan. The judges are Masanori Hamada from Downtown, GACKT, Takayuki Yamada and Alice Hirose, who will judge the performances of the audition participants from their own perspectives.

'I'm taking on the challenge with the most beautiful mind in the Kamaites' (Yamauchi)

Kamaitachi acts as presenter while Hamada, a senior member of the office, looks on as a judge. Hamaya says that although he rarely has the chance to meet the judges face to face, "I feel like I'm one of them, and it makes me nervous". He also revealed that Hamada had asked him to "liven things up" for the show.

What he keeps in mind when MCing is "to make the performers feel relaxed". When Yamauchi said, "I'm taking on the challenge as Kamaitachi with the most beautiful heart", Hamaya immediately added, "It's the complete opposite of 'Zeniitachi'", without forgetting to appeal for their own show.

He also spoke about how things were backstage, saying, "GACKT-san shakes my hand every time, and it's so strong it shatters my bones" (Hamaya) and "I said 'paki' today" (Yamauchi). The unique tension in the room was also evident in the friendly atmosphere.

The highlight is the 'Judge Points' of the jury, including Hamada.

When asked if there was ever a moment when he felt that Hamada had pressed his "golden buzzer", Hamaya shared an episode from his appearance on Wolf Boy (TBS). When Hamaya said, "It was when the duo got into a fight and Hamada-san pulled the hair on the top of my head and told me to stop," Yamauchi replied, "That's when the top of Hamaya's head started to thin. It's a mysterious power that makes the hair fall out and stop growing back.

When asked what special skill they would show if they were to appear on Japan's Got Talent, Yamauchi was quick to show off his "tooth whistle". Yamauchi immediately demonstrated his "tooth flute". "I don't think the judges would be into it," said Hamaya, "but Hamada-san would be the first to reject it. I'm prepared for that" (Yamauchi), eliciting laughter. When Hamaya commented on Hamada's judging, "I'm interested to see how he will judge", Yamauchi said, "Hamada-san being a judge has become a hot topic in the comedian community". The judging points of Hamada and the other judges are also likely to attract attention.

(Text by Amano Saki)

■ABEMA 'Japan's Got Talent' programme overview

Broadcast over three weeks from 9pm on Saturday 11 February.
The final stage, where the winner is decided by viewer votes, will be broadcast live from 7pm on Saturday 25 February.

Masanori Hamada (Downtown), GACKT, Takayuki Yamada, Alice Hirose


Supporting ambassadors
Woesp, Yuriyan Retriebaa

Yoshimoto Kogyo


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Genji Umeno Twitter update. New photo with GACKT, translation below

[New Year's party].
To some big-name celebrities out of the blue.
"One, two, three, four, YAVAY YAVAY..."
They teased me.
It's a New Year's party! I just wanted to have fun.

RIZIN Daisuke Sato
It's your fault.

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Wakavaaa Instagram update. New photo with GACKT, translation below

It was my first New Year's party with the people I love and the people I admire most in my life. 🙆♂️
Thank you to my family and everyone who welcomes me🥲.

We are family🤟

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