GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

“GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB” scheduled to start at noon on Tuesday, 1 November 2022.
If you wish to transfer your membership expiry date to the “GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB”, which is scheduled to start at noon on 1 November 2022, please check the procedure here in advance.

After the service ends on 31 October 2022 (Mon), the information here will no longer be available, so please make sure to check in advance.

The membership expiry date is November 2022 or later.
GACKT PHONE users and those who have applied for a refund by the end of September 2022 are not eligible.

Prior confirmation of transfer information.

Please access My Page by 31 October 2022 (Monday), when G&LOVERS will end, to confirm the following information.
Please be sure to confirm and note your membership number and date of birth.
If your registered date of birth is different from your actual date of birth, please use the registered information.

(1) Membership number: 9 digits.
*If the number is less than 9 digits, it will be 9 digits with a 0 at the beginning.

(2) Number of the date of birth registered as membership information: 8 digits.
Example: If the date of birth is 4 July 1973, the number will be 19730704 (8 digits).

Procedures for the new service

Please follow the steps below to complete the procedure before the membership expiry date.

(1) Register and obtain a new Bitfan ID (free of charge).

Access the Bitfan website and register or acquire a new Bitfan ID.

(2) To obtain a Bitfan ID, please access the Bitfan website and register for a new Bitfan ID (free of charge).
If you already have an ID, you do not need to get a new one.
Please complete the procedure from your PC or smartphone.

Click here to register a new Bitfan ID.

(2) Take over membership information with the new service

After noon on 1 November 2022 (Tue), please access “GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB”
and proceed to the transfer information page from the banner on the top page.

*Detailed information on how to proceed is also available on the transfer guide page.

Enter the information required for the transfer.

On the transfer page, enter the information required to transfer the G&LOVERS membership number that you confirmed at the beginning.

Membership number: 9 digits (prefix 0 if the number is less than 9 digits)
Date of birth: 8 digits (year 4 digits + month 2 digits + day 2 digits)

Please enter the following information.

If the information entered is correct, the transfer of the membership expiry date will be completed.

(4) Check the transferred membership expiry date.

After completing the transfer procedure, check the membership expiry date on the member information page of the GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB
Please check that the membership expiry date has been correctly transferred on the member information page of the GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB after completing the transfer procedure.
The membership expiry date can be checked at the bottom of the member information page under ‘Next renewal date’.


If you are transferring your membership, please be careful not to register as a paid member or make any payments before the transfer procedure is completed at the “GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB”.
Please be careful not to register as a paying member or make any payments before completing the transfer procedure at “GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB”.

If you only complete the transfer procedure, you will not need to make any new payments until the expiry date of your current membership.
GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB” until the expiry date of the current membership.

After the expiry of the membership period you have taken over, you will be able to use the “GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB” for the first time.
You will be asked to start payment of the membership fee for the first time.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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