GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB has reopened today, 1 November!


New members can join here

To take over from a G&L MEMBERS member, click here

The new Bitfan service will offer
– Live video streaming
– Live audio streaming
– Group chat
– and more in real-time.

GACKT Now! in real-time, the following contents will be delivered.

– About the content –
This corner brings you music and live footage of artist GACKT.
Depending on the time of year, you can also see footage from tour rehearsals and recordings!

This section presents videos from past programmes, films, stage performances and commercials, as well as footage from the filming sites!
You can also catch a glimpse of GACKT’s private life and his latest schedule! GACKT’s latest schedule is revealed!

GACKT delivers the daily life of his dog! Also introduces fans’ pets!

A huge history of GACKT’s fan club activities to date!

We will update you with the latest information on events where you can meet GACKT!
There may also be urgent mini-events that will be announced at short notice for members only!
GL PRIORITY TICKETS will not only give you priority, but may also give you additional privileges!

Artists, talents, actors and companies from the GACKT family in link form.

Behind-the-scenes of goods production and GL-linked participatory goods are also planned.

Group chat
GACKT, members, staff and G&L MEMBERS can all enjoy conversations from the same perspective in the group chat viewable from the app!
GACKT may come to visit you in a flash, or you may have a conversation with everyone at the time of a TV appearance, or staff may post breaking news photos from the scene!

◆Live video and audio streaming
Live video and audio feeds from rehearsal studios, film shoots, commercial shoots and other real-time happenings!
Sometimes it is announced in advance, other times it may be broadcast suddenly!

Group chats and live video and audio streaming are available from the app below.

Download and use the Bitfan app here

The contents are current at the moment and may change from time to time.

– About the point system –

A point system has been introduced, whereby points can be accumulated within the G&L MEMBERS CLUB service and redeemed for rewards and other benefits.

G&L points are awarded for using the following services.
– Members taking over from G&LOVERS: 100pt (first time only) + points equivalent to 10% of the membership fee (72pt).
– New paid membership registration: 100 pt (first time only) + points equivalent to 10% of membership fee (72 pt)
– Paid membership renewal: 10% of membership fee (72pt)
– Accessing the site TOP page while logged in (once a day): 1pt
– Accessing the contents page while logged in (once per article): 1pt
– Hearts (throwaway money): number of hearts x 10 points
– Other points will be awarded exclusively to visitors to the event venue.

For more information on Bitfan Points, please also see the following information page.

For the list of point exchanges, we’ll publish it later! Stay tuned!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA