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Today was a long day.

A long line of passengers waiting to get into the gate stands before my eyes.

In KL’s airport, the media isn’t making noise
and it doesn’t feel noisy at all.
It feels as peaceful as always.

I slept a little too much today.
It was morning when I slept but
when I woke up it was in the afternoon and with a headache.

One of the reasons why I sleep for short amounts of time
could be because of this headache too.
I get a horrible headache if I sleep for more than 4 hours.

Doctors often say
that my sleeping time is too short
so I should sleep more but
I’ll end up asking them instead
is there really a need to sleep normally
if I’ve not been sick for long periods of time?

『When you get sick
the amount of time you spend sleeping will naturally become longer.
At that time, sleeping is your recovery.
However, if you sleep that much normally
doesn’t it that mean that in the first place your resilience won’t go up?』

he answered.
Hm… There are many occasions when I don’t have a comeback for doctors.

If I’m lacking sleep I won’t be able to get my energy back but
instead, if I sleep for only 3 hours I would have recovered sufficiently.
I started doing this when I was 20, and it still hasn’t changed.

My body can fully recover too
but I suppose it’s because I sleep deeply.
Though I don’t think that
each and every person needs to sleep for the same amount of time.

Just like that, I quickly finished training
and then changed my clothes.

To prepare to go overseas
I laid out my clothes on the sofa.
I suppose later on the maid will hang them back up for me.

I went up to the lobby and had vegetable juice
Vegetable juice
G Enzyme
Metal Muscle HMB
This set has recently
become my breakfast.

My friends who have been training the same way as I do during these past 2 months
contacted me, telling me that their figure has changed quite a lot.
It’s easy to build a nice figure
with the muscles filling up and the fats getting burned off

How much change has occurred after trying this for a couple of months?
Let’s have a look at that.

I put my things together
and was headed to KL’s Westin Hotel
to meet my partner and have la meal with him but
while I was driving the car
I suddenly felt a subtle discomfort.

『It’s kinda weird today…』

When I started getting uncomfortable
I kept my speed as low as possible
and tried moving the steering wheel left and right.

『Hm, it’s normal…』

Even as I thought that
I was still concerned about the discomfort that I felt earlier.
Because I refrained from going too fast
I was a little late when I reached the hotel.

I left the car with the valet
then the guys from the valet service that I often use
came over to say hi.

After I opened the door of the car
one of them suddenly muttered.

『It might be better to pump air in…』

he said,
and when I checked the back tyres of the car, it looks like it’s lost air.

the tyre will lose more and more air
and it’ll end up as a punctured tyre.

『So this is the discomfort that I felt…』

I felt thankful for my good intuition.
If I drove fast in this state
it could get dangerous.

Immediately, I called for a tow truck.

Maybe it’s because a Lamborghini with a flat tyre is a rare sight
but Arabians who weer staying in the hotel
surrounded the car and started to take photos.
It’s a weird sight…

In the past, when I was still in a band,
I was driving a Hiace on a highway
when the back tyre suddenly burst
and I ended up spinning a number of times.

At that time, I honestly wondered if I was going to die.
Fortunately there weren’t any cars around me,
and the car didn’t flip,
neither did I hit any wall,
and with a reasons overlapping each other
the incident passed without anyone getting injured.

I occasionally hear such stories in the band industry.
It’s not uncommon for
a car, in the middle of touring, getting into an accident
and a member passed away.

I was reminded of that incident.

I often encounter
a lot of accident scenes.
I’m not saying that I simply come across
the place where an accident has happened
instead I’m often there during the moment it happens.

Speeding at night
is not as safe as everyone assumes it to be.

That’s because there’s an exceptionally high number
of drivers who are dozing or zoning out as they drive.

I’ve encountered such sites before but
those too, did not become serious accidents.

The route heading from Tokyo to Nagoya via the Toumei Expressway,
is an area that pretty much a straight line.

It’s easy to drive fast on a straight highway but
because it’s monotonous, there are many drivers who are dozing off and getting into accidents

Even then, I had to drive
behind a truck that was going pretty quickly.

『You’re really flying huh…』

That’s the impression of what I felt earlier but
the speed will gradually increase
and halfway through the white lines stared cross over each other.

In the next moment
the truck came close, almost to the guard rails
and sparks flew as the vehicle’s body touched the rails.

Quickly, I sounded my horn from the back
and woke the driver up.

The car returned back to the centre right after that,
and also reduced their speed.

When I thought about it carefully,
I suppose that it wasn’t that he started meandering while falling asleep
but he was already falling asleep
since he started out driving at high speeds.

It’s scary just thinking of it.
I wonder how much time has passed since he fell asleep.

Accidents don’t only injure you.
It can be said that other people will get caught up in it with you too.
It’s something that’s irreparable.

To everyone who drives or rides a motorbike
be careful when you drive so that you won’t have any regrets.

there have been occasions where people want to upload Instagram or YouTube videos
so they drive recklessly
and unfortunately end up dead because of that.

There’s nothing more ridiculous than this.
Even as someone who loves cars
I hope to be able to have a wonderful car life
without anyone getting injured
nor getting any other party injured.

That’s the wish of a car loving GACKT.

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