GACKT Official Weibo update. Translation below:

Today really was a slow and long day.
In front of me there was the long queue preparing to go into the gate.
It’s the same peacefulness as usual.

To prepare for the oversea trip,
I laid out the clothes on the sofa.
And my domestic helper would put them into the luggage.

Then I went to the lobby,
and drank vegetable juice.
Vegetable juice,
G enzymes,
Metal muscle HMB,
these are the kind of breakfast I have recently.


Done with packing,
while driving,
I suddenly had a weird feeling.

After I handed my car over to the doorman,
I opened the door,
one of them murmured
“Isn’t it better to pump some air into it…”
I then realised the tire was totally deflated,
and was completely punctured.

It’s rare to see a Lamborghini with a punctured tire,
and this attracted the Arabians nearby to start crowding around the car and took pictures.
It’s a weird scene…

Innocent parties will be dragged in if an accident happened,
it’s something that cannot be recovered.
That’s why everybody when you are driving,
in order to prevent any regrettable things from happening, we must always pay attention.

Recently, there were people who didn’t pay attention while driving and died, just because they wanted to upload videos onto Instagram and Youtube.
In order not to cause harm to others,
I hope you can lead a beautiful car life.

This is GACKT the car lover’s long cherished wish.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA