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Today as well, I trained at home in the morning.

Considering that I’m able to build up this much just from working out at home
I thought of what to put into my method.

Immediately, I changed my clothes and prepared for filming.

Today is the last day of filming.
I’m getting a good feel from the jacket I bought yesterday.

When I went up to the lobby,
everyone is similarly doing push ups.

I taught everyone how to mix in fist push ups but
they said that they couldn’t do it because of how painful it is for their fists.

Though I think it would have been better to start off by strengthening the fists.

My fists have become like this after decades of work.

I did training
while noisily messing around with everyone but
at the end of it TAKUMI pushed Baru into the pool.

Looking at him like that,
drummer Baru’s figure has become better.

We promptly started the interview and filming.

It was a long interview but
I talked about how I think life should be enjoyed,
and my attitude towards work,
and more about KL for around 3 hours.

After doing this and that, in the blink of an eye,
it was time for the night’s NicoLive broadcast.

From then,
the roughly hour-long live broadcast program
came and went in the blink of an eye.

We assembled a set to use for NicoLive in the room
and I guess it’s not bad
to have it available for use whenever needed.

The sun set in the blink of an eye.
While being grateful for my presently fulfilling life
I drove and headed towards our dinner venue.

Life is shorter than we think it is.
For example, it’s like how time passes in a day.

If you’re busy from the moment you wake up in the morning
the afternoon will arrive in the blink of an eye.
It’s similar to the early childhood to the adolescent parts of our lives.

In the afternoon, you’ll relax a little,
then while you’re in a daze, you suddenly realise the sun has set. That’s the time period from our adolescence until we reach our middle age stage.

The speed at which time passes from your adolescence to your middle age is exceptionally quick.

That’s like the feeling you get when
the evening turns to night in the blink of an eye.

You might not even remember
what kind of evening that was.
Because you’ve been far too busy,
you didn’t notice the beauty of the evening.

The night seems to be long and in the blink of an eye, it’s midnight.

Life is shorter than we think it is.

By the time you’re able to wonder
How much time do I have left…?
you would already be in your 30s.

You work as hard as you can
then when you look back at it, all you find is things that you can’t really recall.

Spending time in a daze has a different meaning from
spending time slowly with meaning.

Unexpectedly, talent and effort are involved
in slowly and 【gracefully】spending time.

When you trying doing it,
you’ll come to realise that you’ve got time to spare.

How are we able to
enjoy spending time slowly.

I’ve been giving these things
serious thought when I began living overseas.

Finally, in this past year or so,
I’ve come to understand the feeling of
【living gracefully】 and spending time leisurely.

This idea of 【living gracefully】
was something I longed for in the past but,
I came to realise that I’m unable spend more time than I imagined.

To think that it’s this difficult.

Life is to continuously learn.

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