GACKT Official Weibo update. Translation below:

Today I had my training at home.
I quickly changed into my clothes after I finished my training, and prepared for shooting.
Today is the last day of shooting.
I put on the jacket I bought yesterday, and I was feeling very good.

When I reached the lobby,
I found everybody doing the push-up together.
Everyone was so lively, and we started playing together.
At first everyone was still training their bodies,
In the end we threw Takumi into the pool.

Then we started the shooting for the interview.
The way one thought about pleasure,
The idea towards work,
And as well as the topic about KL, without realizing 3 hours have passed.

After that,
It’s time for Niconico’s live streaming for the night.

Soon the sun had set,
Life is shorter then you think.
Just like dusk,
Without realizing the night had come.

Life is really shorter than we think.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA