GACKT,“I was in a laughing fit” Favourite part of 『Deadpool』 is SM scene


On the 26th, GACKT attended the public premiere event for the American comic movie 『Deadpool』, which follows the story of an unprescedented hero. He cited an SM scene which appeared in the movie, and said 「I was in a laughing fit」with regards to it.

The movie is about Deadpool, a hero who loves to talk, has zero sense of justice, and self-centered. He fights not to save the word, but for his own benefit only. It is a hero movie that is the first of its kind. There was also a red carpet event on the same day, where Yomiuri Giants pitcher Miles Mikolas attended with his wife Lauren, and the exceptionally beautiful model–boxer Takano Tomomi made an appearance. They made respective comments about enjoying the movie as well.

Following a performance by popular music unit Creepy Nuts (R-Shitei & DJ Matsunaga) and dancers, GACKT made his appearance and said with delight 「Because I’ve liked him since 『X‐MEN』, I’m glad that it finally became a movie. There are all kinds of characters that fall under the category of American heros but, Marvel has, for the first time, tried depicting a dark hero, and I’m really happy that it became a huge hit around the world」. Following that, he expressed his hopes for it to be a hit in Japan, saying 「People who aren’t familiar with it will be wondering what Deadpool is but, he’s a rather fun hero so you’ll get hooked」.

GACKT also joined the stage greeting that was held after the red carpet event. Mentioning that he watched the English version of the movie, he said 「When I watched it in English there were really funny expressions so, I wonder how it will be translated in the Japanese subtitles?」, revealing that he was looking forward to the subtitled version that would be screened on that day. With regards to himself having experienced performing action scenes in a Hollywood movie, he gave this movie high ratings, saying 「Looking at it from a professional’s point of view, the delivery leaned more towards extreme martial arts (EMA), that makes it a little different from what has been done until now. It shows you quite a lot of technique. Bold moves like EMA is rarely used in movies but, it’s used quite a lot here」. Also, when asked about his favourite scene, he replied that it was the SM scene where Deadpool was on all fours, and said 「I was in a laughing fit」 with a smile.

『Deadpool』 is released nationwide on June 1.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA