GACKT「I’d hate for Japan to seem like a boring country」 Great Admiration for Deadpool 「It’s crazy」


On the 26th, actor and musician GACKT attened the 『Deadpool』 public movie premiere event held in Tokyo. GACKT, have appeared in a Hollywood movie before, professed his love for 『Deadpool』, and spoke about its charm.

This is an action movie that is the film adaptation of Marvel comics’ unprecedented hero. The main character, who received extraordinary healing powers and an immortal body through human experimentation, spews out vulgarities and goes on a spree of violence in this comedic movie.

It achieved the highest weekend box office record for Twentieth Century Fox Films, and broke opening records which surpassed 『Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith』 and 『Avatar』. Furthermore, it remained number 1 in the US for 3 consecutive weeks, and made a record for being number 1 in 120 countries worldwide beating 『The Matrix Reloaded』 and 『American Sniper』, and for being a number 1 R-rated film. This famous blockbuster continued breaking record after record.

With regards to the movie, GACKT said 「I’ve liked Deadpool since Wolverine (he also appeared in the movie 『Wolverine: X-MEN ZERO』), and I was really happy that it became a movie. Although it’s the first time that a dark hero is being depicted, I was of course happy that that it became a hit」. As he shared his passion for 『Deadpool』, he said confidently 「It’ll probably be a hit in Japan. If it doesn’t break a record in Japan, I think that it would seem like Japan is a boring country (to the world)」.

About his impression of the movie, he said 「It’s crazy. It’s a lot of black (humor) that can probably pass as an R15 movie, and he talks all the time. There are lots of funny expressions in English but, I’m really looking forward to how that will be translated in Japanese」, mentioning a point to note for the Japanese release.

On the other hand, he highlighted the action scenes in the movie from the viewpoint of a martial artist 「Acting it out using extreme martial arts, it shows you technique. As it is something that is rarely used in movies to this extent, I thought that it was incorporated quite well. Because it often makes the details the stars of the scenes, I think that it can be enjoyable to watch it while wondering “How many people got injured?”」.

Also, other invited guests who made an appearance on this day, were Yomiuri Giants’ Miles Mikolas and his wife Lauren, famous model-boxer Takano Tomomi, and hip-hop unit Creepy Nuts.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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