GACKT Appears at 「Deadpool」 Movie Event! Showcases A Professional’s Perspective on Action


On the 26th, singer GACKT attended the movie premiere event for 『Deadpool』 (Director: Tim Miller / DIstribution: Twentieth Century Fox Films) held in Tokyo, at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills.


The film is Marvel’s new release on the activities of Deadpool, a nonsensical hero, who basically doesn’t fight for the world or justice, but for his own convenience and talks non-stop while doing so. It is known for gathering USD135 million at the weekend box office, surpassing 『Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith』 and 『Avatar』, and becoming the best opening performance for Twentieth Century Fox Films. It is a much talked about hero movie that is packed with homages to a variety of movies and is being rated R-15 in Japan.

With regards to this film being produced, GACKT said happily 「I’ve liked Deadpool since Wolverine so, I’ve been waiting for a movie like this Deadpool movie to be released. I’m glad that it finally became a movie」.


With regards to the movie, he said 「It’s crazy. In terms of dark heroes we have Batman and such but, he’s a brainless hero. But he’s strong. I thought that it could be rated R-15 when brought into Japan but, it’s pretty black. There’s a considerable amount of black humour. When I watched it in English, I have to say that it was funny, and I’m looking forward to how it will turn out in Japanese subtitles」, mentioning that its contents can turn rather peaky.

In addition, he gave forthright comments about the action, saying 「It’s a different approach from what has been done until now. Looking at it from a professional’s point of view,it leaned towards extreme martial arts, and shows you quite a lot of technique. It’s impressive that it was incorporated well into this movie. As the main points are in the details, it makes me feel that you can watch it 2 or 3 times while trying to figure out how many people really got injured」, and with regards to a striking scene, 「There’s an SM scene. He ends up on all fours… … I like this scene. It something that happened in spite that he’s a hero. This might not be something suitable for mentioning on TV but, I was in a laughing fit」 he said, mentioning hilarious scenes as well.


Hoping for it to become a hit, Creepy Nuts’ R-Shitei used GACKT’s words; 「crazy main character」, 「Is it alright to describe it like this」, and the phrase 「Johnny Depp」 from the audience, to perform a freestyle rap live. GACKT kept laughing from the words spun by R-Shitei, who performed a rather lengthy rap, and said a punchline 「Everyone thought that Johnny Depp would appear out of nowhere. I think everyone in the audience had that idea」, which brought down the house.

「It’ll probably be a huge hit in Japan as well. Since he’s quite a funny hero, you’ll probably get hooked. Around the world, it has also broken various box office records so, if this doesn’t break any records in Japan, Japan would seem like a boring country instead and I’d hate for that so, everyone spread the word about this movie」, he highlighted.


Also, Miles Mikolas and his wife Lauren, and Takano Tomomi visited as guests for the screening.


The movie 『Deadpool』 will go on screen nationwide from June 1!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA