HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS FAMILY! How are you all? Here’s GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog, so we can see together all the wonderful news of the last week! Let’s start with GACKT x Nestle Game Center video Series:


This week was filled of wonderful news. The most important one is that GACKT with Nestle’s collaboration, give us the chance of download one of the song of the new album LAST MOON, released on March 2016, Hana No Chiyu. I think this is a wonderful song, I love it…it’s energetic and a fusion of a lot of styles, something innovative but also in a perfect GACKT’s style. What do you think? Then, as always, we have to wait for the Kakuzuke Chekku on January the 1st…take a look at all of them:

Official Line translations:

…and Facebook too:

A looooot of wonderful Instagram photos!

Here we have an old photo of GACKT with Tyler…


…and a new photo with Takao Sakamoto:


The 2nd and the 3rd MaidigiTV’s video about the Nestle Event “Special T in the dark”



Here we have an article, GACKT talking about Seasons:


And……are you ready for our Xmas Project?????? Send us all your Xmas wishes for GACKT! You have 3 days still!!!


That’s all for today! See you next Sunday and WE WISH YOU A WONDERFUL WEEK WITH GACKT AND GACKT ITALIA! And, since the next Sunday will be the 27th, we wish you the best Xmas ever an healthy, loving, special Christmas for you and your loved ones! Stay tuned, kisu~