GACKT comments: 「Season is the ultimate luxury」

Nestle Japan CO. On October 1st (Thursday) started selling「Nescafe Dried Taste」from「Nescafe Regular Soluble Coffee」serie, considered the best ever. Then from November 1st the special gift box will be sold nationwide in the Official Nescafe stores.
The idea of「Nescafe Dried Taste」is based on the principle of「More than the location, is the season」. More than focusing on the「production site」they choose to focus on the「season 」more suitable to harvest. They choose to use the secret applied on the Japanese cuisine also for the coffee to get the best from this product, a “work” that allows you to get the best from every single dish. For this reason, it was chosen the title「If you wanna get the best, then you have to select depending on the season, not on the location」for the third time to support the campaign for this new product. To advertise this newsletter, everytime they choose a guest that will have to discuss about “seasons”. The 3rd guest of the section「Everyone give his opinion about “Season”」was musician GACKT. The singer held a conversation with the co-inventor of「Nescafe Dried Taste」, Takashi Tamura, great Japanese cuisine’s person, Tsukiji Tamura’s husband, the one who invented this fragrance .
Even he is in the show business, GACKT is a great connoisseur of what concerns the world of “food”「They often tell me that, more than about ‘’food’’ I’m interested in different styles of life」, he said. He added, 「What I put in my mouth is what I have prepared, we have to be sure about what the nature produces and the food」. Then he comments on the world of music explaining his thought :「More than the fashion and the market, what makes me go on having the strength of singing songs, they are my fans that are always willing to support me」.
Mister Takashi Tamura tells GACKT「There are people that who are influenced by the origin of the food very often, but actually, what they should do is choosing depending on the of harvesting. This is valid for the coffe and for any other legumes’ type.」and he replies espressione a consent「I completely agree with what you just said, Mr. Tamura. Then, when we talk about seasons, I think they are one of the most beautiful thing in the world. Unfortunately, there are some foreign countries without the division in 4 Seasons, they can’t understand this concept completely. For the Japanese, seasons are a very normal thing, but actually they are a key issue for our people. We are very lucky.」.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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