GACKT, Pepper and the experience of a caffè from the future.

Nestlè Japan has decided to open in Harajuku for a limited period of time a new type o caffè called “Nescafé dolce gusto, future caffè’.
This event was organised to celebrate the presentation of new coffee machine.

Using this new model of coffee machine, largely widespread in Japan, you’ll be able to try the new “Nescafé dolce gusto, future coffee’. The name was chosen following the peculiar and almost futuristic-like design of the machine. Morover, for a limited period of time, a robot will be used to make users experience the aura of the ‘robot come from the future’.

GACKT was the first costumer to try this innovative coffee.


After he had tasted the “Nescafé dolce gusto”, GACKT, that looked like he had appreciated its aroman, said: Until 5 years ago coffee for me was nothing. But then, I went to France and saw people drinking it and I started practicing till I was able to think that its taste was delicious. From that moment on coffee become essential to me, and one of my best friends in this adult age! Once you give it a sip, usually, it loses some of its aroma but it this case, I can still feel it. I feel this coffee is really original and genuine. This is just my opinion! I think that Nestlè is really unbeatable in this field.

In the middle of the event, appears the one that will be working the fe coffee shop “Nescafé Harajuku”, Pepper! Even when overwhelmed by the many questions of the people taking part to the event, he didn’t brake his composure and said with irony “I thought you were toller then this” laughing hard.

Furthermore, to the question made by the robot “If you had to choose between me and the Nescafé dolce gusto, what would you like to have at home?” GACKT replied hesitating: “The coffè, obviously” . After this statement the robot said: “I thought you would choose me because I’m cuter!”.
GACKT said it was really fun talking with the little Pepper adding: “I think that this little robbot will be a really useful device in the near future!”

GACKT, this time signed a global scale agreement with Nestlè Japan. He decided to interpret this collaboration analyzing the figure of a musician or artist in the preset days: ” An artist today, is not only the one of produces cds for a company, but it is also the one who tries to support it with its work. Till he is able to keep his word to that company with responsibility and dedication , also the company will be eager to work with him like saying ‘Ok, let’s work together”
This is not something I alone am doing, and I think that if you show you are interested in something, any artist can do whatever he wants. The time when an artist that can no longer sell its music has to retire, has ended”

The 『Nescafé dolce gusto, future caffè』 will be open to public at the Nescafè coffee shop in Harajuku (Wed-holiday) till September the 23rd.
On september the 19th it’ll be closed

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team