90th edition of the Kenshin Festival – complete video of the general GACKT Kenshin

In Joetsu city (Niigata prefecture) it has been held today August 23rd the 90th edition of the battle of General Uesugi Kenshin (played by the musician GACKT). GACKT, after participating to this event for 7 times in the last three years has been wearing the general’s liliac clothes, riding on his white horse. As soon as he arrived together with his army, he roars his battle cry, that was added together with the voice from the audience at the side of the road.

90th edition of the Kenshin festival – complete video of general GACKT Kenshin

This year more than 500 people have participated coming from outside the city walking in the soldiers shoes carefully fighting the battle between Uesugi and Daimyo Takeda.

GACKT, after 4pm, leading the army of General Uesugi, from the elementary school of the Kasuga district turned the intersection moving towards the Sanroky line road in speed. As soon as he arrived the audiecne cried out iin joy.

GACKT calling the victory on his horse.


From the Sanroku line he came back to the Kasugayama intersection and cried out loud: “I came here to make justice and delete the injustice from this land”, “Ye,Ye,Ye!” he shouted out then together with his army he raised the battle cry calling for victory.

Source: Joetsu Journal

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team