At the 90th Kenshi Kousai ‘GACKT Kenshin’ riding his horse spreads the magnificence of the [Righteousness of the heart/spirit] and fascinates the spectators along his route.


On August the 23rd, in the Kasugayama district of Joetsu city, the home land of the hero Uesugi Kenshin, the praised 90th Kenshin Kousai reached its climax with the parade for the department for the front line and re-enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle.
For the third year consecutively, and for the seventh time since the beginning, the role of Uesughi Kenshin was played by the musician GACKT.
He shows Kenshin’s [Righteousness of the heart/spirit], and fascinated the spectators that packed up the whole route.

Compared to the past years the weather this time was clement. The route chosen for the parade and the Kasugayama crossing was crowed with people since early morning, with people waiting for the appearance of GACKTKenshin.

In the loud music that excited all the fans, GACKTKenshin made his appearance riding a brown horse and elegantly dressed in his Suikan (*ndt everyday garment worn by nobles in ancient Japan).

GACKTKenshin dashed along the road with his charming long hair and skillfully controlling the horse’s bridles. He is expression of the man admired as the strongest worrir of the Sengoku period and of his bewitching charm. At the Kasugayama crossroads, he pronounce the famous phrase “Luck resides in heaven, Armor is on the chest,Merit on the feet”, that was used by Kenshin to entrust to this land his [Righteousness of the heart/spirit]. Finally he rosed his voice in a triumphant scream and even the crowd all together responded to him earnestly.
Everything and everyone were surrounded by a strong sence of unity.

Source: J-Times

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team