Singer GACKT was a guest performer for Niigate Prefecture’s Joetsu City’s 90th「Kenshin Festival」on the 23rd. GACKT, who acted as Lord Kenshin in the 2007 NHK historical drama『Furin Kazan』, rode on horseback and was dressed in armor when he appeared with a group of warriors, raising loud cheers from the audience.

This same festival is held in honour of the valor and righteousness of Joetsu City’s hero, Lord Uesugi Kenshin displayed in the historical events, which took place since 1926. GACKT, who is making an appearance for the second year in a row, took part in the main events the「Kick-Off Procession」and the「Re-Enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle」. He was dressed in armor and led around 400 people, picked from applications, who were also dressed in armor to make up the Uesugi Army. Spectators lined the roadside, enlivening the festival.

After the procession, GACKT said「This festival has had attendance go up year after year but, next year more new features should be created and a festival that can represent Japan can be further delivered, to make a big event successful, I think the city and its citizens have to work together」, and he also vowed to play a role for the festival following this.


Source: Oricon

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team