GACKT will release a new single in July! Following the body pillow, a scandalous (?) new CD jacket announced 002

Last July, GACKT welcomed his 15th year of solo activities. Prior to the schedule [VISUALIVE] that is said to be the [LAST], it has been announced that a 46th New Single will be released in July.

In the limited edition version of his previous single [Akatsukizukuyo-DAY BREAKERS-], GACKT announced a “world’s first! A CD jacket that is a life-sized GACKT body pillow”, and the next thing he revealed this time, is some kind of 「GACKT lying with you life-sized bedsheets set」. Be it a left or right facing GACKT, it is highly likely that this time he will be releasing an unusual set of bedsheets.

In this limited edition, it has been announced that there is WHITE GACKT version, featuring GACKT in a white shirt, and a BLACK GACKT version, featuring GACKT in a black shirt.

When we asked his office about this, unexpectedly there is more to follow. It has been discovered that another version has been mixed in together and more details will be released in the days leading to the release date.

During the shoot for the “sleeping together sheets”, there has been a shot of GACKT playing a prank taken and it has mistakenly sent to the production factory, and it appears that a few sets have been made. As packing has already begun, it has been decided to make it a sudden special edition set to sell.

With the previous body pillow, the ability to remove the jacket brought surprise and laughter, and as to what kind of scandalous prank will be played to surprise us, even non-fans will be interested to find out.

Tomorrow, the official site’s official store( begin accepting pre-orders, so there will be a high chance that more information will be released soon. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for future developments.

<<Release info>>
46th Single
『Title not released』
※GACKT lying with you life-sized bedsheets sets
GLCD-00009 / ¥12,500(without tax) ※delivery fee¥700 not included

Source: Excite music

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team