GACKT will be lying in bed with you… sort of

A new single [title yet to be announced] has been slated for released in July with a premium edition.


This edition will only be available on the GACKT store, and following the body pillow for [Akatsukizukuyo-DAY BREAKERS-] which caused a stir, this time a new CD jacket, the “sleeping together sheets”, has emerged. In a life-sized bedsheets package, it is an item that will cause you to loose sleep with GACKT “always lying next to you”.


In this package, there are two versions with the WHITE GACKT pattern featuring GACKT in a white shirt, and the BLACK GACKT pattern featuring GACKT in a black shirt, but you’ll be torn in having to make a decision between the two. While doing the shoot for the “sleeping together sheets”, GACKT had another version shot of him playing a prank, and this special version will be a rare one. In the days leading up to the release, stay tuned to the Official Site for more details.

『46th SINGLE Premium Edition “GACKT lying with you♡ Life-sized Bedsheets set”』
12,500yen+tax ※delivery fees(700yen) not included


Trnslation: GACKT ITALIA Team