GACKT STORE limited release

This is scheduled to be released on late June, in GACKT STORE only.

This is a complete DVD live set, Platinum Boxes and music videos released until today all together in a premium box!

From videos hard to find recorded in the early days until now together with new single’s music video, all included in this box!
Leading to the LAST VISUALIVE, these are the 15 years of GACKT

■Item 1: B2 ART WALL four pieces with case (with three printed sides)

■Item 2: an extra large Gakucchi display collection case together with 4 15th Anniversary special Gakucchi

■Premium purchase gift:
Premium plan for the purchaser of GACKT 15th Anniversary box.

★A premium dinner for 15 people★
From GACKT’s 15th Anniversary box purchasers, 15 people will be selected by lottery to have a special dinner with GACKT!

End of the orders: March 18th 2015, 18:00
150.000 yen + tax (2.500 shipping)

Shipping planned for late june 2015

46th single

46th single’s Premium Edition
“GACKT lying with you♡ Life-sized Bedsheets set”

Sheets size, 2,450mm x 1,800 mm.
Print size fits a semi double-bed.
About 1.850~1900×1200~1300 mm.

In the box one of three sets of bedsheets!
WHITE version
BLACK version
SPECIAL version

Reservations are accepted up to: March 18th 2015 ∼ 18:00
12,500 yen + tax (700 yen shipping)
Shipping planned for early July 2015


A glimpse at GACKT’s true face
This is the second collection of backstage’s photos you’ve never seen before !!!
Also, for those who couldn’t buy the ‘URA-BON last time, this is a must-see thing!
URA-BON 1 will also be on sale!

And after the Visualive, URA BON III will be released!


Size: B5
Number of Pages: 44
Kind fo Book: saddle-stitched binding

As a special favour for those who buy it, a case to collect all 12 volumes of URA BON I – III will be given as a gift!

Deadline of the order: March 18th 2015 ∼ 18:00

3,800 yen( 700yen shipping)
Shipping planned for late April 2015


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team