喂… (Hello in chinese)


Oh~ its you.

There wasn’t any notification so I didn’t know who it was.




Overseas. In Hong Kong.

But I’m in the car headed towards the airport.

Though I had to come over because of work

I’m already returning back to Tokyo after mere hours.

It’s the usual somersault.

Eh? Here?

The nights are cold. It feels like I’m catching a cold.

Actually, I think it’s harder to catch a cold in Tokyo.

Here is halfway cool in the afternoon then cold at night

so it’s more likely for you to catch a cold.

While I’m here,

the schedule didn’t have much flow to it

so the whole time I was sleepy.


it could also be that we walked a lot.

It was early morning when we departed from Haneda too…

Honestly, I think I fell asleep in the lounge.


Speaking of that,

Haneda has already

started with Christmas…


Even though it was so early in the morning,

it was crowded with travellers.

It was packed with exchange students…

I started getting the strange feeling of being chased after.



Was I fine? … you ask.

I got away~

Because it was kinda scary…

If the teacher wasn’t there

it would’ve become quite the incident.

Because the students started the commotion and were pretty persistent…


After I boarded the plane I honestly can’t remember what happened well.

Because I was pulling an all nighter the previous day,

it would appear that I fell asleep.


During take off I was already sound asleep.

Despite having thought of doing work instead.

I completely fell asleep with the PC sitting on my lap.


When I woke up, we’ve reached Hong Kong.

Well, since it only takes 4 hours,

it’s as if I only travelled to a nearby town.


Picking up the baggage went more smoothly than I expected,

but more than that because I ate something spicy the previous day

it felt horrible because my stomach started to hurt.


After we came out of the airport we soon boarded the car

and went straight to the hotel.

We really didn’t have much time.


because of the demonstration in Hong Kong recently,

we were told that we can’t go through down town but,

at the actual place,

I felt like we wouldnt really know

unless we tried going by that route.


I’ve gotten a little tired of this scenery that I’ve grown used to.

It feels like things get old quickly here.


If there was a D&G near the hotel

I thought I’d go have a look around but…

In the end, we lost our way and went in the wrong direction.

I’m pretty sick of my lack of directional sense.


The hotel’s ambience on the whole was great.

The hotel this time is a small hotel that I like,

and the interior is one where is pretty stylishly fitted.


The centre garden’s ambience feels great too.

At night this place turns into a bar.

If you’re talking about Hong Kong its the great atmosphere you get.


Right after we leave the hotel we have to go meet people so

because we had to kick things off

we made a hurried departure but…

The streets were oddly crowded.

To get to the first place of our meeting which was at Peninsula Hotel,

it took us quite an amount of time.


The interior of the hotel gives a pretty good vibe.

I like Classically influenced hotels like these.

But, honestly in terms of the service

made me go “hmm…” a number of times.

Well, it cant be helped I guess.

Each country has their own quirks.

In the case of Hong Kong,

the quality of service is strongly lacking.

That’s how it is in various places.

Although we can end it with this being the quirk of a country,

there are many point that they can use to improve themselves.


Going back to what I was saying,

it started to look like we werent going to make it for the next meeting on time.

We started talking about how we can get there

and we decided that if we took the train we should be on time…


But I dont take public transport?… you say.


I did. Riding the subway for the first time in 18years.

Super, exhilarated.


I had no idea how it worked but

instead of a ticket I bought a card

and i thought i can get in with that but…

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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