In a flash, it’s the last day of rehearsals…
What rehearsal?… I wonder…


Don’t ask about such things.
Men have things that aren’t meant to be said…

Without much time to spare
everyone attacked it head on.


We pretty much did it together but
to be honest I would say that I would’ve preferred more time.
But we were extremely busy
and there was barely enough time in everyone’s schedules.


Alongside rehearsals
I was also doing recordings so honestly,
my body’s all beat up internally and externally.


Since it’s right after Yoshitsune Hiden chapter 2 ended,
we were supposed to be soaking in the afterglow of it
but we ended up charging straight into this.


Looking at myself do this from a spectator’s point of view,
my body shrunk again.
Of course I would even dare to bring it down lower but.


Even so,
the battered feeling is unchanging.
Because I’ve been fairly focused,
right now I’ve got a body that would look great nude.
That’s cuz I follow the theme of a “delicious body”.


for some reason I’ve been practicing the drums like crazy.
Honestly I think this is the toughest training.
It’s not something I normally play
so I got my fingers laughably tattered.


This morning I got woken up by the pain in my finger.
There are a number of bandaids stuck in various places that would catch your eye.
I guess this is also something that is unique only to this point in time…
As my skin keeps peeling
it’ll get stronger day after day.


For some reason I’m even practicing the guitar.
Why on earth do I do this…

There isn’t a good reason to ask me such a question right?
Men have one or two things that aren’t meant to be said…


Even so… it’s intensive.
To be able to live and grow used to such intensity is something I have to be sincerely thankful for.


From the faces of the guys of my music team who have once again been brought together after such a long time
I can remember feeling a sense of calm.
I’ve spent many years
creating works with this team.


Come to think of it
It’s a team that has stuck with me for 16 years.
New staff have also increased the ranks but
the core area is firmly
held down by old friends who know what to do.


And in these few days,
while we were practicing in the studio many old friends came to drop by.
There were even friends from Korea who came to visit.

Although everyone was tired,
everyone took note that
today was the final day of rehearsals.


In addition…
For some reason…
Even X Japan’s bassist, TAIJI
came down to visit.
What on earth is going on in this studio…


Bassist SATO was also filled with strong feelings
and clung tightly to the importance of a bassist.
Somehow… he’s become quite amazing…

Also at the same time…
The rehearsals this time around…
What on earth are they for?

No no no no
there are a ton of things that you don’t know about me.
Not knowing the reason behind doing all these rehearsals
you have to deal with that once awhile…

Well, that’s all small talk…

Don’t make me start talking about heavy stuff.
Cuz I’m really full right now.

But I’ll just say this much.
All these rehearsals are
all for the sake of your smile.

If you know that it’s enough right ?

I have to go back to rehearsals now.
I have to focus during practice.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is “MR. PAINKILLER”

I’ll take away all the pain in your heart.
Shall we yell out together?
Until your heart is emptied out.

If we do that
you’ll be left with a smile.



Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team