Dear my G-Lovers

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*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.
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Rehearsals have finally begun.
As to what rehearsal let’s not go there yet.

Doing rehearsals until late into the night
as expected it really tears up your body.

The members are also gasping for air from the daily trainings.
instead of upset faces,
its cute that they’re trying hard to succeed.


Even so,
everyone is so bad at dancing that it’s hilarious.
I’ve thought
that they have to get better even if a little but
recently I’m considering if this level of bad is fine.


It takes a long time to get the positioning of everyone right.
Like what should I do to make it look good,
or whether it looks good.
We kept doing trial and error on that.


Also whether certain positions are plain funny.
I know that as we work into the night
then tension keeps going higher
and at the same time the our fatigue goes up too


Everyday rehearsal drags until dawn.
Despite that everyone
is still desperately working hard
while holding on to the impatience of not being able to get things done.


Although at a glance
they look like guys who are messing around but
it is interesting that they are in actuality very serious people.


For a grown up to play with abandon,
the more serious they get the more interesting it becomes.
That goes without saying.

When you become an adult,
you have to deal with everything seriously.
As a child we get used to being obsessed in one thing or another.
It something that everyone does feverishly.


But when we become adults
we forget how to be that focused.

Because when we do that we get tired.
With that, you passion drains as well.
It becomes a feeling that everyone is familiar with.


We who have remained like the child in our hearts,
is probably because we play with abandon.


To play
is to create.

It’s basic.
When you have fun,
and begin to think about how to make it more enjoyable,
it’s the procedure to go about having serious fun.


That’s why
I remain a child at heart.
Because I’ve always been a kid.

Big kids who charge straight into everything.
I guess that’s what team GACKT is.


The number of new members have risen.
They flood in steadily like hot winds.
Because I myself am full of heat (passion)
it infects everyone.

Although it is a pity,
the guys who are tend to turn down the flames have left.
That is also something that happens often in our world.
If you become too cold it’s the end.



With faces that don’t seem to notice that it is 6am, everyone starts
on their way home.
Those are great faces.

I’m a lucky man to be able to live everyday so intensely.
Everyday, somewhere I’m getting heated up.


In the studio back home too
practice has begun without paying attention to the time.
I’ll keep doing it until we make it.

Because I’m bad at memorising things,
I’ll keep re-doing it until I get it right.


Funny isn’t it?
Working all the way until morning desperately
then hours later going on to do other work.


Then forcing some time out
to eat well.

There are guys who think, i can take a break during that time…
Because you do stuff like that you’ll become a frivolous adult.


To live life to the fullest is to
play with abandon
and put your all into your work.

Because I get a different excitement everytime we do stuff
I’m living life to the fullest.


You sitting there.

Are you turning cold?
Are you complaining about not having anything fun in life?


Are “listless”, “tired”
“troublesome” the words that come to head each time you speak?

Are you envious of kids when you see them?
Is [How carefree…] something you say when you look upon others?
Do you think that it’s impossible to do something just because it’s reckless?



“Brain weather (literal translation of reckless 脳天気)”… that’s a good word.
I wonder if that means that my brain is always sunny?

Is your brain just as sunny as mine?
Is it raining?
Is it cloudy?
How’s it?


Do you want to live a life where it’s
always sunny?
Do you want to move into such a life?

If so,
[Play with abandon!!!]

Well, let’s play together. With all the seriousness you can gather.
Regardless of those around you who point
and say
“Is that how you be a good adult?”,
regardless of how silly it is,
the one playing with disregard is hundreds of times happier
that the one who lives under the opinions of others right?


Where can I play, you ask?

Hey hey, what are you talking about.
It’s gonna be the Camui Gakuen Fest soon.

That’s definitely where
there’ll be a huge congregation of people who can play with abandon.


Am I going too?… you ask.

Don’t ask such a silly question.
There’s no reason for me to not go to a place there I can play without a care.

We’ll meet at the Gakuen Fest.
I’ll go play too.

It looks like it’s going to be fun this year too.
I have to go and say hi to the Student Council President.


I have to get back to rehearsals now…

A rehearsal for what?… you ask.
It’s not something that’s necessary to tell.
It’s a secret, a secret.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is Mr. SECRET.

Even if you see me at the Gakuen Fest
please leave me be.

I’m going to go all out and have fun
so you do that too.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.
*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.
(Updates thrice a month)


source: GACKT Official Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team