What will happen if we adapt Yoshitsune’s story into a present day scenario?
A super parody of The Secret of Yoshitsune by the original cast

If you don’t catch this play, you would not have seen the story of Yoshitsune to the end. A super exclusive premium performance with only 2 runs
Let’s meet again in the New Year of 2015!

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*Ticket booking information is released in the members-only site.
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Performance Dates
8 January 2015 (Thu)
Noon performance  Doors open 11:15/Performance begins 12:00
Evening performance  Doors open 15:45/Performance begins 16:30

Nakano Sun Plaza Hall

All designated seats-prices w/o tax
Category S   12,960yen
Category A   7,560yen

*each person can only purchase a maximum of 4 tickets.
*Pre-schoolers are not allowed into the performance hall.
*for wheelchair bound audiences, please purchase seats specially set aside for your usage. (sold at E-Plus)
Wheelchair Space Category S <1 wheelchair >12,960yen    <1 wheelchair + 1 companion seat> 25,920yen
* An E-Plus account is required (free). Please make sure that your account is working before making your bookings.
* There may be fees that are charged aside from the ticket prices. Please check the details of your bill during payment.
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Ticket Sales Schedule
[dates to apply for balloting] 2014 28 Nov (Fri) 12:00 ~ 4 Dec (Thu) 18:00
[dates for announcement of ballot results] 2014 12 Dec (Fri) 13:00 ~ 17 Dec (Tue) 18:00
[dates for payment] 2014 12 Dec (Fri) 13:00 ~ 17 Dec (Tue) 21:00

* Ticket booking information is released in the members-only site.
The public page is here
The tickets will be sent to the successful applicants from the second half of December 2014 onwards.
Those who wish to get their tickets from the Convenience Stores may do so during the public sales of the tickets starting 22 Dec 2014 (Mon) from 14:00 onwards.

[for queries about the play: Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Stage Production Staff (Ubon Inc )]
03-5772-2335 (Weekdays 11:00-18:00)

In the event that you are unsuccessful in getting your tickets during the aforementioned period, please take note that there is a probability that you may be unable to try again in the Community Member Site. No matter the reason, purchase or sales of tickets from or to 3rd parties are not allowed. In the event that it happens and you get caught, the member who used their account to get the tickets will get their membership revoked.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team