*from the secretary* Calling out to Max Murai-san!

Last month, amidst critical acclaim, GACKT’s wholly produced stage play [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2] came to a close. Did you manage to catch it?

How many of you got mesmerised and fascinated by the full projection mapped stage and the LED suit battles?

This stage play has become the talk of the town
and drew many celebrities from near and far but
this person came along too!

It’s Max Murai-san!!

Do have a look at what we uploaded
when he came by!

Also, at the start of the new year on 8 January
the spin off stage play [Moon Saga Special Chapter “Yoshitsune Hot Booded School Life” -Chapter 2-] is scheduled at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall.

It appears that it is a “super parody of Secret of Yoshitsune as brough to you by the original cast!”. WHat on earth will happen if we put the story of the Secret of Yoshitsune in a mordern day scenario? By all means, please do look forward to it!

GACKT offical fanclub [G&LOVERS] members may start their early-bird bookings~
FOr more details please check out the LOVERs info!

source: GACKT Official LINE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team