yesm hellow…?
You again!
“Tell me that thing about the other day!”
wait a moment….
actually I’m quite busy in this moment…
blomaga 2009 1











All right all right.

I’ll tell you.
Yes, I promised you….

Eh? Now?
I have to go home for a moment.
I need to get ready to leave for Osaka.
I’ll be in Osaka in the next 10 days.

Yes yes ok.
I’ll tell you.

Where were we?
Ah right, we were talking about Bali.
I already told you that Bali is a wonderful place right?
And every day
I went training from early morning
and the I often used to go to rehearsals directly.
Third day in Balu.
I started training early too this day
and after that I had to get ready immediately for the photoshoot
I choose a white suit, very summerish, since we were in Bali.

blomaga 2009 2

The photoshoot
lasted all afternoon
then I immediately went to rehearsals.

It was destroying…

Ah, by the way, I changed my hotel.
I’m at a friend’s hotel.
blomaga 2009 3

An early morning
with my stylists Rocky and Takumi
we went training
blomaga 2009 6

The gym was really nice.
There were different training machines
and they were all good
and I was so happy.
blomaga 2009 4
My Gosh.
It was so tiring.
We trained hard
and we were destroyed.
The muscles were hurting….. hard as rocks….
you know.
blomaga 2009 5
And then,
we went to buy costumes for the Yosukai.
It was a hit and run cause we didn’t have much time.
But it was so bit
the store…
blomaga 2009 7

The colorful fabrics, you know,
their traditional clothes
that you wear as skirts.

They still use these traditional cloths in Bali
so the store there were a lot of fabric.

blomaga 2009 8

It’s just that to tour the whole store it took us a lot of time

blomaga 2009 9


blomaga 2009 10
Look what I found…
blomaga 2009 11

C’mon… it’s not possible!
It’s also drawn badly…
My whole body was hurting.
It was a very tiring day.
I was in pieces, seriously.

Source: GACKT Blomaga

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team