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Finally, Today is the first date of performance at the Osaka’s ShinKabuki-za

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Lately we are experiencing major changes

The Nikkei index has jumped up to 16321,91¥

Since 8th january, it’s the first time after 8 months that he reaches this percentage, based on the closing price.

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There have been lots of purchases due to the cheap prize
of the yen compared to the US dollar o(1$=108¥)

During the day, the yen continued to fall in the afternoon
so there was an increase in trades in the afternoon .

The trading value of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is 2 trillion 382.2 billion yen.
After 3 months from 20th June the turnover was very high.

FOMC said it would continue the period of relaxation of the market.
There is a good feeling between the strong dollar and the yen in depreciation.

Thanks to these conditions, after 8 months, the Nikkei index rose to 16,000 Yen At last,
It is believed that the Japanese economy has woken up after a few months of stalemate.

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So, Who’s thinking “ This has nothing to do with me`?”
Instead I say that each of us needs to know these things like it or not.
This is a very important thing for all of us who live in Japan.

blog2009 4

Lately, there is always more of this inflarionar trand.
There will always be economic disparity between the one who invests in the stock market
or that has a uses a foreign currency and those who are not interested in these things.

This inflation is not something temporary.
The state bonds are more than 1000 trillion.
It ‘easy to imagine that the government is desperately coining more and more banknotes.

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From the point of view of history, in such moments the government always follows an inflationary policy.
And what awaits us is an aging society, growing steadily, and never seen before
Now, in Japan, 1 in 4 people is over 65.
In 40 years, it will it be the 1 in 2. Who sustains them?

blog2009 6

Taxes increases. Even the consumption tax and everything.
The elderly do not spend a lot of money.

As a result, the economy does not move on and this makes the national income to decrease.
After the Olympic Games of 2020 will be over, how will be earning money?

blog2009 7


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go on with  the life you have now.

it’s clear the situation will go worse sooner or later.

for example
you can look for how to make an investment.
You have to do something to improve your life.

It’s not that difficult.
Probably you would say
“What do you know about that, you’re just a musician …”
But instead of complaining, do something.

blog2009 8

Even I, who am a simple musician I have to worry about these things.
Try to think in 5 years, 10 years later. The future will come sooner or later,
for me and for you too.
And it is not enough just to think about it, but you need to act now.

My name is GACKT
My motto is 「Mr.PROPHET」
Now the performance in Osaka begins…


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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team