GACKT “it will definitely move you to tears” 『MOON SAGA-Yoshitune hidden』play, starts in Shin Kabukiza Theatre.

On September 19th, GACKT (41), screenwriter, producer, director, actor and former musical director for 「MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden-Chapter 2」 (Osaka, Shin Kabukiza 20 wk. Sept. 29.) was interviewed by Sankei Sports.

“I had the idea to create a story where the Oni (Japanese demon) is the origin of vampires. Then I started a research about Onis and eventually I came to Yoshitsune. I thought “Maybe Yoshitsune was also an Oni” and so this very interesting story was born.”

The two families are descendants of the Heike and Genji Mononofu, or those who have the superhuman power. Their ancestors mated with Mononoke (demons) to obtain superhuman powers. The story takes place around Yoshitsune, a young Mononofu struggling to find his reason to be.

In 2012, in the chapter 1 of the play, used computer graphics technology. But this time, to realize the idea of ​​turning the stage into a picture book, it was introduced the technology of projection mapping. The co-stars are Mayo Kawasaki (51) and Hiro Yumi.

“Hiro plays a male role. But this male character is very similar to a woman. Very sensual, Hiro is ideal to play this role. By the way, she says to be 1,79 but she’s definitely lying. Because she is actually higher than Mr. Mayo Kawasaki (1.82) ”

“It is a very sad story. It will definitely move you to tears ”

By the way, in the special program for New Year 「Geinoujin Kakuzuke check!」, where Japanese celebrities are invited to guess if it’s an original one or an imitation about food, art and music, every year since 2009, out of a total of 30 questions, GACKT always gave the right answer and he’s the only celebrity who has never made any mistakes. What’s the secret?

“There’s no secret. Every year I feel terribly tense. It has been just a coincidence that I always gave the right answer. I was lucky ”
The best of all knows how to be humble.


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