… … hello… …?

… … Oh you…
As always, your timing’s bad…

No, it’s nothing.


I’m going to board a plane now,
I’ll be flying off soon.

“Which country am I heading for” you ask?

That’s not it.
Right now,
I’m returning from Bali
and flying straight to Fukuoka.


That’s right.
I went to Bali
for the fanclub’s overseas event Yasoukai.

And from now,
there’ll be rehearsals for the Fukuoka performances so
I’m heading straight to Fukuoka.

Eh? What?
“Too busy”

… … This is just the start.
I’ll be flying off
so I don’t have much time to talk to you.


“I want to know how the Yasoukai at Bali went” you say?

You’re a demanding kid aren’t you…
I guess I have no choice.
It’s already time to take off.

Bali is really the best
kind of resort there is.


There are other resort places as well but
there are many reasons why I like this island.

The first being
it’s cheap.

This is really important.
The feel you get only brings you so far so
if you can’t go around to do anything you won’t experience anything.


there aren’t only Asians
but Caucasians as well here.

This is probably because this place is near to Australia
so there are Australians living here
or on vacation here
or setting up shops here.
When you see such a sight of mixture
it feels really good.

And the next reason is especially important.
In the streets
are many artists around.


As to what this means,
many artists
like people who draw, write, design,
live in this place that seems
to be perfect for such creative people.

As to what reason it is for that they chose this place
there are shops that cater to their needs in the streets,
they also have their own shops here.
It’s really fascinating.


Not only can you touch artistic works,
artistic goods, souvenirs,
daily items that are filled with artistic juices can be easily found.

If you mention Bali’s furniture,
the inside of the shops are really wonderful.

This is what
sets it apart from other resort areas.

These are the reasons why I like Bali.

“Anything you don’t like” you ask?

Of course there is.
There are many things I don’t like as well.

First off, the traffic.


The traffic in Bali is the worst.
The roads are narrow
if you get into a town you can’t move at all.
It’s really a traffic jam without any sense.

In Seminyak,
it’s considered as Bali’s Roppongi but
the traffic there is a lot worse than that of Roppongi’s.

To that point,
once you enter their traffic jams,
you feel like you’ll never move your car again,
and start to wonder how you’re ever going to get out.


Against mosquitoes
there’s nothing you can do.


If you want to enjoy Bali’s atmosphere
you have to have meals or drinks on the terrace
and get that feeling but
you’ll end up getting bitten by mosquitoes.

I really can’t stand that.
I hate it the most.

I do have allergies to mosquitoes but
I seriously hate it.

In addition,
the incense against mosquitoes from Japan aren’t effective either.
It seems that the local stuff are better.

Either in the hotel or on the terrace as evening sets in,
if you fall asleep just like that
it’s the worst.

You’ll start slapping your face.

It’s the worst.

It’s a really bad experience.

Well, basically for resort places,
they tend to be in tropical areas so
mosquitoes are definitely always a set problem i think.

That’s roughly it i guess.

Bali’s airport got revamp-ed
and it became quite a traveller-friendly international airport.


if you know people here
you can even bypass immigration and go straight through.

This point is really the best.
Bali’s immigration is another huge traffic jam.
To be able to ignore that and go right through,
it feels great.

It is probably the best point when it comes to Bali.

Besides that,
the hotel,
the villa,
basically, the rooms are fairly large.


This time too, i stayed in a villa for the first half.
It’s a beautiful place.

Just that,
it’s quite far from the venue so
halfway I moved to a close friend’s hotel to stay since it will be easier.

That’s roughly how it is…

Villas are basically
places to relax so
there arent exactly facilities like gyms.
It’s just not needed.

walking around you get to see various places in the vicinity
and the location is really good so
in general its not bad.

This time,
the villa i stayed in for the first half is
near the rehearsal studio so
even if we end rehearsals in the middle of the night,
it was really helpful to be able to get back quickly.

For the second half it was really far off so…
on the first day we quickly checked into the hotel,
and after we finished eating we left for rehearsals.
We went on until quite late but
we couldnt finish it on that day and I got annoyed.


The next day also had a really long rehearsal but
I could finally see the light.

The next day started with training in the morning.
Since we started the stage play I never really got to do weight trainings so
I figured that I’ll have to do it all in one shot this time.

These two weeks will be attacked fiercely so,
my body was left throbbing.


Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!! Blomaga

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team