Dear my G-Lovers

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I’ve returned to Japan from Bali.
It’s 7 a.m. .
And, i’m flying straight to Fukuoka.

Right now,
we have to finish rehearsals
In one shot.

Because it has been so hectic
I’ve forgotten some of the movements.
I’ve not walked around the streets of Bali but,
Despite that i’ve been able to receive many wonderful smiles
which were more energizing than anything.


This time’s Yasoukai in Bali
has become something very special.

Of course every year
there are special memories but
this time, it feels like its something that will fit the word “exceptional”.

I wonder what it was…


No matter how many times i go through the set list,
I wonder if its because there are many songs which revolve around acapella,
from the audience that i can see,
while I look at each one of the LOVERS
while singing I get a myriad of thoughts surfacing.

“I’ve managed to get here this year too.”
“Thanks to GACKT-san,
I’ve managed to do my best.”

Many of the filming staff
Have received such comments.

These words really warm my heart.
I feel the same way too.
Thanks for everything until now.


For Yasoukai,
Its definitely not something that can become cheaply.

Starting from here,
until the time of the next Yasoukai,
I want to really put in effort and express what I believe is best
to everyone who comes to Yasoukai.


As long as you live,
Tough or difficult times,
Sad or embarrassing times,
Times when you want to run away,
Times when you want to cry,
There’ll be lots of those.

Even so,
the result of gritting your teeth and moving forward
Isnt that being able to come to Yasoukai?


Thats why
the faces of everyone who takes part is special.

To those who for whatever reason could not take part this year,
you definitely must come next year.

And be able to say “I put in effort!!”

Of course for myself too,
i want to express to everyone “I really put in effort!”
and around this time next year to open up to everyone again
and have everyone enjoy from the bottom of my heart.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is “Mr. RETURNER”



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.
(Updates thrice a month)

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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