Along with the nationwide sale of [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms], Hokuto Company has released a new TV-CM [A discerning man, surprised] which goes on air from 10 September.

Hokuto Company has appointed GACKT to be the face of their product starting with this CM from September 2014. Beginning with the idea of expressing the premium taste and strong presence of the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms], they thought of having the gourmet and unrivalled mushroom lover GACKT, which led to his appointment.Barks-hoktocm-003 Barks-hoktocm-004

In the TV-CM [A discerning man, surprised], GACKT faces the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] for the first time and conducts a taste test. From the texture and depth of taste, what he thought was “A rare kind of mushroom” was in truth sold in supermarkets and led to a comedic scene of his surprise. Inadvertently, GACKT bought the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] and mutters “Bought them~~!”. In the last scene, he reveals a rarely seen innocent smile.

Storyline of the new CM

[A discerning man, surprised]

A man is blindfolded with a red cloth. He takes a whiff of the product put before him and says “It’s mushrooms”. In addition, he feels the texture of the “mushrooms”, and praises the cap and stems. When he tries the mushrooms, he confidently says about the taste that it’s ” a rare kind of mushroom”. GACKT is revealed as the man behind the blindfold as he removes it. When he hears from the staff that the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] can be purchased from any regular supermarket, his eyes widen and he involuntarily says ” Seriously…”. In the last scene, next the GACKT is a mountain of [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] in a plastic bag. As he looks at the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms], he thinks of the addictive deep taste and happily mutters, “Bought them~~!”.Barks-hoktocm-005 Barks-hoktocm-007 Barks-hoktocm-006

Highlights of the new CM

One of the highlights of this time’s CM is the scene where the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] are placed on a grill above a charcoal fire, while GACKT very confidently says “It is without doubt, a rare kind of mushroom!” as a powerful statement. His inability to hide his disbelief at finding out that such a special Hokuto Premium [Marbled Oyster Mushroom] can be found at regular supermarkets, instantly going to the supermarket to buy the [Marbled Oyster Mushroom], and the happy playful smile of GACKT’s will capture attention and make it enjoyable.

Filming/Behind the scenes

The CM’s taste testing scene. After the first take where he tries the marbled oyster mushrooms, he instinctively said “this is delicious”.  Following that, there were many other takes but in a manner that implies that they were really delicious, he ended up eating everything.

Interview with GACKT after the shoot

Q: Tell us how you feel after wrapping up the filming for this CM.Barks-hoktocm-001 Barks-hoktocm-008 Barks-hoktocm-009

A: In the beginning, when I say the schedule, I felt that it was going to take a really long time to film this. But when I entered the studio, the filming ended in a flash. (laughs) I think that it’s become quite a good CM, really. What I thought was a pity is that I can’t really describe this taste to the viewers. Please do try it, because it’s really delicious.

Q: For this CM, were there any highlights or places where it got difficult to get into the role?

G: There were no hitches (laughs). It was really just me being myself. However, I thought that it was challenging if I had to lie and I can’t express what I really thought. In the first place I love mushrooms. Normally during the shoot the food is put out one at a time but… I ended up eating everything. This mushroom is really just that delicious. After that, since the CM these days are short, I thought that it would be great if they could edit it to deliver good rhythm and feel.

Q: What are the good points of the marbled oyster mushrooms?

G: The plump texture. It’s volume and depth of taste makes it possible for it to be the centre of any dish. It’s chewy-ness, texture, the way it goes down your throat, no matter how you look at it, it’s just really flavourful. By all means, do try it.

Q: The [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] are sold in supermarkets. Have you ever been to a normal supermarket to shop?Barks-hoktocm-011 Barks-hoktocm-010

G: The supermarkets in Tokyo, I haven’t been to. In the past I really liked wandering around supermarkets, these days I really can’t go. But when I go into the suburbs I’ll instinctively go into supermarkets and shop. I like walking around the supermarket in a frantic way. I like running around the supermarket pushing the cart so… I wonder why but it feels like in that moment it would be fun to ride the cart. That feeling doesn’t subside until I get to every corner. Children, don’t imitate this because it’s dangerous and a nuisance to the people around you.

Q: Are there some things you definitely have to do every morning?

G: I definitely will do my training. For about an hour I’ll do about 200 push-ups, do sit-ups about 200 times, do chin-ups, do stretching. If I have time it’ll take around 3 hours but every morning, whether or not I have time, I’ll still do my training. My daily routine is to get to work only after I finish training. Well time is something you fork out on your own so, everyone, wake up a little earlier and do some training.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA team