An unrivalled mushroom lover, the gourmet known as GACKT stars in Hokuto’s new CM for [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] which goes on air from 10 September. Hokuto’s mushroom TV-CM has garnered attention for its unique music and dialogue but this time, there is a gap from the usual with the cool and stylish image of GACKT and his rarely seen “innocent smile”.Barks-hoktocm-002

In new CM [A discerning man, surprised], GACKT is blindfolded with a red cloth and confidently says, “It is without doubt, a rare kind of mushroom!” about the taste and texture of the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] before him. Unexpectedly, although he thought that it is without a doubt sold in premium stores, it is actually sold in normal supermarkets, and his surprise can’t be concealed. In the last scene, a mountain of [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] in a plastic bag… GACKT who has become hooked on the deep flavour says “Bought them~~!” in a happy tone. Barks-hoktocm-009

During the filming of the taste test for the CM, after trying the product in the first take, GACKT instinctively muttered “This is delicious…”. “Normally during the shoot the food is put out one at a time but… I ended up eating everything. This mushroom is really just that delicious” he said, as he looked back on the filming. With regards to the taste of the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms], he praised it greatly, saying “(it has a) plump texture. It’s volume and depth of taste makes it possible for it to be the centre of any dish”, he also said, “What I thought was a pity is that I can’t really describe this taste to the viewers. Please do try it, because it’s really delicious.”.Barks-hoktocm-011

On 20 August 2013, the [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] were sold in limited areas only and will hit stores nation wide from September 2014. Including this CM, GACKT has been chosen as the face for this product.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team