After the release of Hokto CM, today the making off backstage has been released


This is GACKT. This was the filming for the new CM for Hokuto Premium [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms].

Q: What are the good points of the marbled oyster mushrooms?

G: The plump texture. It’s volume and depth of taste makes it possible for it to be the centre of any dish. It’s chewy-ness, texture, the way it goes down your throat, no matter how you look at it, it’s just really flavourful. By all means, do try it.

Q: How was the filming for this round of CM?

G: In the beginning, when I say the schedule, I felt that it was going to take a really long time to film this. But when I entered the studio, the filming ended in a flash. (laughs) I think that it’s become quite a good CM, really. What I thought was a pity is that I can’t really describe this taste to the viewers. Please do try it, because it’s really delicious.

Q: For this CM, were there any highlights or places where it got difficult to get into the role?

G: There were no hitches (laughs). It was really just me being myself. However, I thought that it was challenging if I had to lie and I can’t express what I really thought. In the first place I love mushrooms. Normally during the shoot the food is put out one at a time but… I ended up eating everything. This mushroom is really just that delicious. After that, since the CM these days are short, I thought that it would be great if they could edit it to deliver good rhythm and feel.

Q: The [Marbled Oyster Mushrooms] are sold in supermarkets. Have you ever been to a normal supermarket to shop?

G: The supermarkets in Tokyo, I haven’t been to. In the past I really liked wandering around supermarkets, these days I really can’t go. But when I go into the suburbs I’ll instinctively go into supermarkets and shop. I like walking around the supermarket in a frantic way. I like running around the supermarket pushing the cart so… I wonder why but it feels like in that moment it would be fun to ride the cart. That feeling doesn’t subside until I get to every corner. Children, don’t imitate this because it’s dangerous and a nuisance to the people around you.

Q: Are there some things you definitely have to do every morning?

G: I definitely will do my training. For about an hour I’ll do about 200 push-ups, do sit-ups about 200 times, do chin-ups, do stretching. If I have time it’ll take around 3 hours but every morning, whether or not I have time, I’ll still do my training. My daily routine is to get to work only after I finish training. Well time is something you fork out on your own so, everyone, wake up a little earlier and do some training.