Together with Meisa Kuroki! The sci-fi/romantic TV drama begins.

On September the 2nd the drama『Time spiral』begins (on BS NHK premium channel). The story was taken from the online novel「解ける螺旋 tokeru-rasen」written by Elen Mimori and it’s a sad sci-fi love story across time. The main actors are: Meisa Kuroki playing Natsuki Aizawa, the main character, GACKT as the time traveller and Yuta Hiraoka as Natsuki’s childhood friend.

Plot for episode 1「Love declaration from the future」


Natsuki Aizawa (Meisa Kuroki) is a teacher at university suffering from PST because of a kidnapping suffered when she was a child. While a childhood friend Kentarou (Yuta Hiraoka) thinks about proposing to Natsuki, a new professor Syuya (GACKT) arrives at the university where Natsuki works. We don’t know why, but Syuya tries to seduce her inviting her to dinner or guessing Natsuki’s favorite foods as if he knew her since a long time. In reality, Syuya is a time traveller. What is his real goal… ?

We’ll find out about the existence of a fatal connection through time between Natsuki and Syuya!

∎Premium evening TV drama『Time spiral』

From September 2nd!

Every Tuesday at 23:15 JPT (on BS premium NHK)

【Actors】Meisa Kuroki , GACKT , Yuta Hiraoka , Seika Taketomi , Kitarou , Shighemitsu Oghi ,Naomi Akimoto , Kayoko Kishimoto


Preview of the TV sci-fi/romantic drama 『Time spiral』with Meisa Kuroki and GACKT