Moon Saga-Secret of Yoshitsune-Chapter2 X SuperHotel 2nd Edition Accomodation plans announcement!
The stage play that’s wholly produced by GACKT
Moon Saga-Secret of Yoshitsune-Chapter2!!

Along with it
we specially present to the ever-loyally supportive LOVERS
the 2nd Edition of the limited SuperHotel Accomodation plan.

Guests will receive a Moon Saga-Secret of Yoshitsune-Chapter2
original special bottle cover!!!

FC members, do present your membership card on check-in to get a 1000yen discount!!!
We begin accepting reservations from 3 September.

◆Reception Telephone◆


While making your reservation, use the passcode
[I wish to get accomodation for GACKT MOON SAGA 2014]. (roughly)

Following, FC members should say
[I wish to get the fan club members’ price. My membership number is xxxxxxxx]
and recite your card number to them.

Payment will be done during check-in via cash or credit card.

Phone operating hours: 13:00~19:00
※Bookings end once the places have all been filled up.

During Osaka performances at Shin Kabukiza

◆SuperHotel Osaka & Natural Hot Springs◆

Duration: 19 Sep ~ 29 Sep
Price: One person room (no smoking) FC price 8,800yen(with tax) Normal 9,800yen(with tax)

2 people per room (no smoking) FC price 12,300yen(with tax) Normal 13,300yen(with tax)
※Osaka & Natural Hot Springs do not come with breakfast.

Check-in time: 15:00~24:00
Check-out time: 10:00

◆SuperHotel Osaka・Tennouji◆

Price: One person room (no smoking) FC price 8,150yen(with tax) Normal 9,150yen(with tax)
※Free breakfast

Check-in time: 15:00~24:00
Check-out time: 10:00