In Joetsu, Niigata prefecture the hometown of the hero lived during the Sengoku period: Uesugi Kenshin, the 89th Kenshin festival was held with the title <May the Ghi spirit be with us, forever> and GACKT played the role of Kenshin on the afternoon of the 24th. In 2007 GACKT played the role of Kenshin in the NHK TV drama 『Furin-Kazan』and this is the 6th time that he appears in the Kenshin festival.

During the stage play wholly produced by GACKT himself ”MOON SAGA- Yoshitsune hiden- 2” , GACKT fractured his left ankle but, despite all this he commented “This is not an handicap, but simply a thrust to pull up the combattive spirit.”
He marched in the city conducting 500 armed men.

GACKT said ”To me, Joetsu it’s like my second hometown, it’s a special place” and then “I hope that for many, this event will be an opportunity to know the beauty of Joetsu and that many will fall in love with it, as I did”

Source: Oricon
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team