GACKT visits the Rinsen-ji temple, Kasugayama, where Uesugi Kenshin’s grave is and he prays Kenshin’s soul for the successo of the performance.


To prepare for the 89th Kenshin Festival, on the 23rd GACKT visited the Rinsen-ji temple, where Uesugi Kenshin soul is resting and he prayed for his soul and the success of the march and reenactment of the battle where he performs in spite of the wounded leg.

Before the temple visit, GACKT held a press conference at the Joetsushi maizou bunka center (historical archive of the city) together with the mayor and he declared his big enthusiasm for the performance.

GACKT touched the argument of the fracture he got during his stage play. “Actually even walking it’s really difficult” He always carries a cane in his left hand and, see him walking and limping it’s quite pitiful. But in spite of all this “You can expect a magnificent performance. I won’t disappoint you. It will be something really frantic.”

He also revealed the fact that it’s not possible tu use the same horse he used for this event in the past 6 years. “The first thing is to avoid accidents. And I am really cautious in every preparation”.

At the entrance of the temple GACKT was welcomed by many fans and, entering the main wing of the temple, he warmly greeted the ex superior of the templi, Mr. Sasagawa. Joined hands in front of the Kenshin’s gravestone, he walks the rock stairs with the help of a cane to reach Kenshin’s grave and bring flowers.

sounce: J-times
Translation:  GACKT ITALIA Team