The world is dominated by ‘Mononofu’ : descendant of demons (Mononoke) in the form of humans.

In MOON SAGA – Yoshitsune hiden GACKT plays the role of Yoshitsune who bears the power of Mononofu. In the second chapter he explores love the hate in a world of war and the true bond of friendship, in a fantastc but at the same time realistic way.

The second chapters starts when 2 months have passed since the painful battle of Yoshitsune against his best friend, Kiso Yoshinaka.

The story narrates the fatal encounter between Yoshitsune and the young warrior of the opposite team. GACKT’s performance, with his deep and sensual voice and the melancholy look, is able to convey to the audience the inextinguishable pain he is going through, in spite of being considered the strongest warrior on the Genji family

While the strongest warrior of the Heike family (Genji’s enemies), Taira no Noritsune, is independent, cheerful and strong willed: really different from Yoshitsune.

Still, a precious friendship grows between the two men.

Splendid is the acrobatic scene on the stage with a steep slope. The scene in which the corpse of the dead warrior roll down on that slope describes the tragic destiny of the 2 bestfriends that are forced to fight until one of them is killed by the other, screaming ‘Why do we have to fight?!’ – ‘What is the meaning if this war… being at war means this!!’

Highlight of the play is the biggest use of the projection mapping technology in the history of japanese theater.

The images are projected on numerous screens resembling a Kamishibai (纸 芝 居 – paper drama, a form of storytelling that originated in Japanese Buddhist temples in the 12th century, where monks used picture scrolls)with lights that transform the scene in a forest, or a cave, a ship sailing in the sea or camp in the night.

GACKT’s idea was to transform the teather in an illustrated book and this idea has been magnificently realised.

It’s really surprising the creative ability of GACKT that realised all this alone, from the script, the production to the soundtrack, introducing different musical styles.

Look at the fanta-historical world in which Yoshitsune, so sweet and gracious that is almost not suited for the battlefield, charms the world with his kindness e changes his destiny.

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