GACKT @gackt
Hey guys, it has been ages. We finished the performances of Yoshitsune hiden in Tokyo with success and now I have a bit of free time before the Niigata event: the Kenshin festival where I play Kenshin. Let’s chat for a bit!!

@ kanon 19960524 Hello. How are you?

Oh Gackt you didn’t( in inglese)
@ ohgacktyoudidnt Yeah, we open the 20 tequila bottles and I killed 30 guys with machine-gun shots. Everyone fell asleep on the road. wwww

裕子 @ dearYuko
@ GACKT how is your leg going?

@ dearYuko The leg…. Actually it’s broken.  Avulsion fracture to be precise… I fell during the rehearsals of an acrobatic scene the day before the first performance. Anyway thank havens that I was able to finish the Tokyo performances. Let’s see how I’ll go with the Kenshin festival. It’s all about KiAi!!

あや@ベベラゲス aya_ @ dazo
@ GACKT today it’s my birthday wish me happy birthday(^~^)!

@ aya_dazo Happy birthday.  Have a wonderful day.

ゆずり@ renri_01
@ GACKT Mr Gakutooooooo, long time no see!!! Where can I buy the Yoshitsune Hiden chapter 1 dvd?

@ renri_01 forse on Amazon? Check it out.

You left us for quite some time. We are almost dried up.

@ blanc_chat74 Don’t worry. Now I’m gonna give you some water and you’ll soon be beautiful flowers again in full blooming. Sorry if I left you for quite some time.

レン @.幸せな歌を歌いたい〜♪
@ GACKT I’m going to see Golden Bomber live in Tokyo!!

@ Coffee_please5 by the way Kirisho came to see my stage play. He came to say hellow in the dressing rooms, ahahaha

jie(じぇる) @.jie_130930
@ GACKT Noo!!! Are you GACKT???

@ jie_130930 Yes, it’s really me…

Sato @ mura_0817
What is this?! It’s too beautiful!!!! It looks like computer graphics

@ mura_0817 Yes, I come from computer graphics world

noa@G&LOVERS @ noa3700
@ GACKT I love when you get online on twitter because a real mess happens on my TL

@ noa 3700 cool, let’s make some mess together? Scream GACKT~!!! All together!!! Instead, GACKT Yoshitusne~!! That’s better!

★こつぶ姫★ @ kotsubuako1121
The Kenshin festival♪ I see a lot of people still not sure if to go… or not.(*^^*) I’m going alone also because it could be the last time GACKT will participate in the festival!!! (*^^*) But sure, it’s gonna be hot~

@ kotsubuako1121 Right, the Kenshin festival…. from today I start horse training. I hope my leg will hold on. It’s my only worry… anyway, it’s pointless to worry. If I have to do it, I’ll do it and that’s it. I’ll do my best, period.

田中充 @ micci0610
@ GACKT I’ve heard about the projection mapping technology used in your stage play. It must be really cool!

@ micci0610 Come to see it immediately! It’s the first time in the world that a so big project mapping is used!!

ふみな* @ hk1030g
@ GACKT How’s your…? I want to see him live maybe sometimes~

@ hk1030g ok, one day.

ノン(Noriko) @ noriko1971
Good morning @GACKT are you maybe going to sleep?
Who knows where you are in this moment looking at the red morning…
I wish you a wonderful day.
Have a nice day at work.
I’m going to work too.

@ noriko1971 Yes this morning I woke up at my house. Yesterday I came back from the hospital. My fever got really high during a photoshoot and I had to be put in the hospital again. Then it was so pointless to stay in the hospital that I signed my released. I hope this fever will go away today…

あたこ。@ beatNT
@ GACKT I hope GACKT-san is gonna answer me

@ beat NT In life hope is not enough!

たまさく@ tmsk0245
@ GACKT I think your account is so crowded that you won’t even read this message. I’m going to work!

@ tmsk0245 Of course I read your message. Obviously. I came online to connect with you. Even if I can’t answer to everyone maybe. Have a nice day at work.

オーモリユーコォ(notキュアハニー)@ hakuro_

@ hakuro_ Ok!!! But don’t talk so loudly!!!!!

みかちん @ gcamui
@ GACKT GACKT-san! Don’t sacrifice to much!

@ gcamui If I don’t sacrifice it wouldn’t be me anymore right? I’ve always faced life like this. It’s all about KiAi.

ぴゅめにか学習帳 @ I_lonelygirl
@ GACKT Give me your Magnum pour your Magnum!!

@ I_lonelygirl My Magnum is not something you can pour…

@ GACKT GACKT Yoshitsune is getting a lot of success~!!

@ 0830komachi_sh And it’s all thanks to you. Thank you so much from the heart.

モンチー @ gacchan0811
@ GACKT @.noriko1971 I heard that it’s raining in Niigata. It will be hard to have training under the rain.

@ gacchan0811 You are right. When I get wet my fever gets higher… yesterday I had three degrees more than usual and I was dying. ahahaha. sigh~

桜 @ sakura518
@ GACKT You are too hot, I want you to hold me in your arms❤

@ sakura518 ok, next time. When you see me around, ask me.

@ GACKT You give me fever you drive me crazy!!

@ _gackt0512 I have fever too. I just measured it and it’s not going lower at all….. what a pain… shit…..

@ GACKT if you don’t give me your underwear I can’t rest in peace

@ orbgacktlovers obviously I’m not gonna give them to you!!!

@ GACKT I hope you’ll read this message… the other day at my birthday I realized that I dedicate half of my life to you GACKT! I love you more than anybody else❤

@ 8zk_4U then hold me tight… no it’s me who has to hold you….

@ GACKT GACKT-san! Maybe it’s time for you to change your profile picture what do you say?!

@ SIDLOVE2000 I will. Have a lil patience.

EMY @ Angy3989
@ GACKT I’m waiting for your blog updates!!! Waiting for the Updates~! Updates_❤❤❤

@ Angy3989 I’ll do it today, sorry about the delay. Are you happy???!!!

@ GACKT Boobs

@ syunta614_ Ah yeah, I like boobs. You too? Me too. We are men. We are like this.

カイザー @ masato_maomi
@ GACKT GACKT-san when you walk, sometimes, doesn’t your Magnum bother you?

@ mastao_maomi no, it’s been 41 years living with him. I accept him for who he is.

いけ@18歳と48ヶ月@ ik08040
@ GACKT GACKT-san! I’m following “Game-Senteru”! You improved a lot with Rockman!

@ ik08040 Right? The most important thing in life is to put effort in what you do!!!

ARISA@ G @ G_a15_lovers
You have big boobs!!!
What size are you wearing? G cup?

@ G_a15_lovers Ah, that photo. I was trying to drink here but I wasn’t able too and they photographed me in that moment. What a mess.

@ GACKT Give me a nickname~!!! And I’ll keep it for the rest of my life…

@ yums_www Nickname? Well ok. Just becase I have fever… Magumagun. There, like it?

☆Mikki☆ @ dears2001
@ GACKT my smartphone won’t stop ringing because there are so many updates on twitter of GACKT-san

@ dears2001 I’m sorry for the bothering. It’s gonna end in a few. Be patience.

MAYO@ m_thegazette
@ GACKT GACKT-san help me write my CV.

@ m_thegazzette Well do it yourself!!

ぷりくら探す なつみ
@ GACKT GACKT-san, update LINE…..

@ SUMMERFRUIT217 right LINE….  I’ve been so busy that I didn’t really thing about it……. ok, I’ll update it.

HIROMASA @ yutigig4868
@ GACKT You have a body that looks like a beast

@ yutigig4868 What the fuck are you saying. I’m just ready to fight.

@ mitsuru0813 Now I have to leave you. I have to go horse training.

ゆの店長 @ konohaan
@ GACKT I want to go to X JAPAN concert

@ konohaan then go……

りこてぃん @ BEAST両日
@GACKT The other day I went to the karaoke with my boyfriend and we sang “Orange no Taiyou” in a duet but we were so out of tune

@ hideto_hyde2 I can imagine. It might have been a real disaster.

Ryo @ ryo916onepiece
@ GACKT How can I become a dinosaur men?!

@ ryo916onepiece Eat, eat and then eat. It’s all about KiAi. Find at least some thing in life to put all your effort in. This way one day you’ll become a dinosaur.

り〜ちゃん @ heichou1225
Before you go give me a kiss….

@ heichou 1225 Smack!!!

えのくん @ eno_TMR03
@ GACKT Nishikawa-san is singing “the genital song” will you sing it too?

@ eno_TMR03 Seriously???

みさき@ triste_io
@ GACKT GACKT-san I see you like sexual topics!! I like them too! Ah, then I like your Magnum!!

@ triste_io If you take away the passion for sex from a men what’s left? If you are a real man, you always have to be ready to do some sexual jokes! Sorry, I raised my voice…

ジジ @ mamono74
@ GACKT I want to go horse riding with you and then throw myself off the horse and a certain point

@ mamono74 no, I’m gonna step on you. hahahah…….

@ jkhachi Today I should have had Taekwondo training but since my leg is broken I can’t do it. Anyway now I’m going horse training

寺門じもん@ kan_iti_low
@ GACKT teach me how to beat YOSHUKI

@ kan_iti_low Listen, I understand that maybe you are in a rush, but how can you mistake YOSHIKI’s name? Why are you writing it with the U? Why? Imagine my name like GACKUT….

⚡️はるひくん⚡️@ dempa_6
@ GACKT GACKT-san, before you go, express your love for all your fans!

@ dempa_6 I love you all!!!! Magnuuuuum!!!!!!!!

*Yuta*@ G&LOVERS
@ GACKT I want to become your nipples

@ ftomen0513 Yes, next time

悠輝 @ angel158angel
@ GACKT I really hate twitter.

@ angel158angel C’mon, don’t get mad. It’s useless to get mad.

Good, now I have to go. I’m leaving for Niigata for the Kenshin festival. To all the ones coming to visit on August 24th, have a nice trip. I won’t let you down. I will deliver you the best Kenshin you’ve ever seen. Make the dark cities shine with all your smiles today too. “There’s nothing like an unneeded smile” remember.