Oh, how are you?

What’s up? This is rare.
Did something happen?


Ah, the stage play.

That’s right.
Despite being so hectic
it’s already the last day of the Tokyo performances.
It’s really fast.
A whole lot of flowers came in again.
I feel really blessed.


Condition of my body?
Yea, I’m fine.

You really know a lot huh.
Where do you get your information from?

Ah, it’s not a big deal.
It’s just a chip fracture.

There’s no need to go on stage with a cast anyway.
I was really relieved.

Instead, what I’m worried about
is the Kenshin Festival.


I’ll have to being horse riding training soon.
Can I really ride with this leg…

I’m more worried about that.

The stage play?
The stage play is going very well.

I’m getting really good reviews from both people inside and outside of the industry.
Probably because this is the first time
projection mapping has been taken to such a level on stage.

I’m guessing that from now on, everyone will be using it.
However, projection mapping thus far
is probably quite difficult to use it all the time on stage
because it’s quite not easy to get a budget equivalent for it.


LED renditions?

Hey you, where on earth does your information come from?
It’s a big deal.

That’s also a first in the stage play industry.
That’s exactly why it will be difficult to budget for
and won’t be easy to make use of normally.

I’ve also been thinking of making it in the lives
so it’s somehow become clear to me.
What has been thought as the average budget of a stage play
probably won’t fit the average stage play now…


Even so,
the horse riding training is soon…

I wonder if it will hold out, this leg of mine.

Painkillers? To stop the pain?
No I won’t take them.

Because it stops the pain
you’ll end up taking it all the time,
but I will end up standing on stage unbeknownst to the pain
and I don’t want to end up aggravating the pain.

Pain can be ignored using your mental strength.
When it comes to the point when I can’t take the pain any more,
I’ll take the painkillers.


More than the pain, it’s really a physical problem.
When I step down at a certain angle,
it’s practically impossible to bear it
and while keeping that in mind
I somehow managed to ride through the Tokyo performances.

Why did I get injured?

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team