This at the Kenshin Festival we’ll see “GACKT-Kenshin”

Sunday August 24th:

15:30 ~ the parade
18:00 ~ Reproduction of Kewanakajima battle
GACKT will play the role of Kenshin and will guide the troupes during the battle.
The path followed by GACKT will be the same as last year

For more info on the festival go on the official site
You can also download the pamphlet from the website.


  • Don’t scream “GACKT” but “Oyakatasama~!”(“My Lord” in ancient Japanese)!
  • The festival is organized so that the audience will see the parade twice: back and forth. Please don’t run, it might be dangerous.
  • You can’t take away objects used for the show (ex. flags)
  • Do not leave trash around.
  • It’s not a festival just for GACKT. Do not disrespect the other people in the audience.
  • It will be really hot. So please make sure to be on shape.

From August 28th from 10.30am the selling of the goods will start in the “Lawson Joetsu kasuga yama cyou 2 choume ten” or “Maizou bunkazai center”

Tshirt with “毘” writing
Tshirt with “龍” writing
Original towel
Original napkin
2 original pins
blotting paper

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At maizo bunkazai center you can find the “GACKT Kenshin food booth” to enjoy all the traditional meals connected to Kenshin history.
“Kenshin shokudou”… You can taste the best Japanese meat: Joetsu mean, to get ready for battle!

Menu/ Kenshinn stake (givaway of a lottery ticket as a sticker ), Beef soup ect.

“Enraku baikadou”… pickled prune that Kenshin loved

menu / Onigiri with prune and salmon, prune liqueur, prune sparkling drink, prune in white pickle atc

{Opening hours}
Saturday August 23rd 10:30 ~ 18:00
Sunday August 24th 9:00 ~ 17:00

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For the ones with premium seats:
On August 24th from 9:00 ~ 17:00
Get at the maizo bunkazai center
from 15:30 the audience with premium ticked will be able to enter
once out, you can’t enter again.

Let’s not disrespect Joetsu citizens!