In August 2014 at the Meiji-za in Tokyo, the MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden chapter 2 stage play, sequel of the clamorous MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden that had more than 50 thousand viewers, opened the curtains. This is the review of August 15th performance.

First of all, “MOON SAGA” is the general denomination for the amazing world created by GACKT since 2002 and in which the artist is putting all his soul. This MOON SAGA story started with the movie 「MOON CHILD」where GACKT and Hyde (L’Arc~en~ Ciel singer) play the main characters. In 2005, GACKT created 「DIABOLOS」a world called ” VISUALIVE” (VISUAL & ALIVE & LIVE= VISUALIVE. A new original style performance created by GACKT where there’s a fundamental theme and story and theatrical elements, stage, music and dance elements are moving around it creating an all original world) and this one is based on vampire leggends.

In 「MOON SAGA Yoshitsune hiden」the main character is Minamoto no Yoshitsune (an historical figure from late Heian period) and this story talks about friendship and destiny. GACKT, other than playing the main character, also cured the production, the music and the screenplay, basically the whole creation from beginning to end. Staying try to the historical facts, the story talks about the “Mononofu” dilemma (human being with incredible powers that should not belong to them) and asks the eternal questions to people: What is a human being?
Together with GACKT in the main role, the best Japanese actors are playing wonderfully on the stage.

Two years ago, in MOON SAGA Yoshitsune hiden chapter 1, GACKT used the LED technology to mesmerize the audience. GACKT’s VISUALIVE never disappoints. And this time, there will be any new entry?

The answer is…. Yess!! Of cours!! The news is the biggest Projection Mapping in Japanese theatre history. Thanks to 6 mega sliding screens where images are projected, it’s possible to create an incredible depth of field on the stage, GACKT was able to deliver to the audience the most delicate and smooth details: Yoshitsune’s sorrow and rage, the wind’s gentle caresses through the leaves and all the different shades of moonlight.

Obviously, also the performances of all the actors were absolutely great.

Compared to two years ago, GACKT has improved really a lot in the fighting action scenes. Hiro Yuumi was amazing with the dynamic movements also thanks to her height (179cm).
It’s a fusion between music, images and theatre: a real work of luxury!!!

The performances are on until October between Fukuoka, Ōsaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Sendai and Saitama. Next year GACKT will deliver his last VISUALIVE continuing with the MOON SAGA theme! Do not miss it!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team
Source:  Rankingbox.jp