《Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」》
The YouTube show「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」is off to a good start
after it’s first air on 1st July.
For 365 days, 7:00PM every day!!
Broadcasting live commentary on games from GACKT himself☆
He’ll be taking on a wide range of games, from big hit games of the
past, to recent games♪
GACKT’s game fever is getting more heated up!!
There’s no where to stop☆
This time around!!!
Guess what!!!
It’s that game!!!
“Street Fighter 2” added to the challenge list!!!
GACKT on Street Fighter 2!?!?!?
Well well…, how addicted will GACKT get with this game,
I’m sure you’re all waiting to find out♪♪
That’s right, today included,
GACKT will be commenting in the comments section again!
What sort of comments await us?
The mystery beyond awaits here☆
Make sure to get your sneak peek in here!!
【Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」】
Airing: From 1st July 2014, everyday for 1 year
Time: 7:00PM
Airing on: Youtube Nestle Japan Official Channel