【Novelized『MOON SAGA-Mysteries of Yoshitsune- 』is here!】

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here!
The novelised version of『MOON SAGA-Mysteries of Yoshitsune-』;
Written by GACKT himself is finally out on sale!

The prequel to 「MOON SAGA 2」, live performance starting on Friday 8th August.
What will you do, read the novel then watch the performance, or watch the performance then real the novel… and maybe watch it again?!

GACKT’s off-shots from during rehearsals also to be found inside!
Check it out yourself

【Novel Details】
■Title:Novelised version『MOON SAGA -Mysteries of Yoshitsune-』
■Price: 1944 yen
■Published by:Kodansha publishing
■Sold at:
Kodansha Site:http://bookclub.kodansha.co.jp/product?isbn=9784062190565
Other bookstores across the country

MOON SAGA-Mysteries of Yoshitsune- Official Homepage:http://moonsaga.jp/
『MOON SAGA-Mysteries of Yoshitsune- the 2nd Chapter』Ticket Sales:http://eplus.jp/moonsaga2014/