From today the GACKT’s novel [MOON SAGA – Mysteries of Yoshitsune] it’s on sale by Kodansha.
And I’ve just been to the library to buy it❤️

By the way, on the 8th of August the live performance「MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden ch. 2」 will start on stage.
The story is really original and talks about the connection between the hystorical character Minamoto no Yoshitsune and the origin of vampires^^

GACKT started the long, huge and complex project called 「MOON SAGA」15 years ago and this time MOON SAGA becomes a novel!
A very interesting novel, excellent for all ages!!!

Check it out on the website or go to the bookstores!!!

[Book details]
Titolo: 「MOON SAGA-Mysteries of Yoshitsune-」
Price:1944 ¥
Publication: Kodansha
Available on: website, bookstores around the Country.

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